Monday, November 21, 2011

Weekend Eating | M and M's Wedding Cupcake

My own weekend eating wasn't a feast - my family had Jollibee delivery for Saturday's dinner and I ate the Sinigang na Bangus; sister and mom attended a wedding while I was at home eating fried chicken and coleslaw (which I forgot to take pictures of, unfortunately). I was a bit certain that this week's food share would be unappetizing, but when sister and mom got home from the wedding, sister gave me this:


Mark and Marianne's wedding cupcake. Marianne is the daughter of one of mom's closest friends at work. All of us in the family were invited to the event, but brother had a commitment at the church org, while I decided not to attend - just to stay away from food (and also because I don't have a dress and I don't want to spend money in buying one).

I quickly photographed the cupcake, thinking it was sister's share and that she just gave it to me to let me see how cute it was. After the short cupcake shoot, sister told me, "Eat that, okay? I gave that to you." I don't know if my sister wanted to reward me for successfully controlling sudden urges to eat, but I told her at first that I don't know if I will eat it or not, last night I was already happy just to photograph it.

This morning, a few hours before writing this one, I decided to cup the cupcake in half and ate one half of it for breakfast. It tasted good - the cupcake's moist and not too airy, and it had the right sweetness and chocolate flavor. In case you want to know, the cupcake is by Edible Ideas, located along Quirino Highway - Lagro Area. Their website didn't include prices, so if you want to inquire, you can call them at: 346-7100 or 09228467100.

I always think sending out cupcakes in their own case/wrapper would be a great wedding souvenir. Often during big celebrations, attendees don't get to taste the cake (because the family would save it for themselves), and since cake is quite a vital part of any celebration, sending cupcakes to the guests would somehow let them taste the cake (even if it's not from the main cake) and because it has its own case, people can take it home if they wish to.

To Mark and Marianne, all the best to you!

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So... what did you have last weekend? If you're new to the Weekend Eating meme, you can read the rules and get the badge codes HERE. My heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined last week.

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