Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Different Flavor For Sure

Day 4 of my two week holiday with K... right now we are here in Baguio City (we will be heading back to Manila tomorrow morning), and even before he arrived, we already planned of staying at Chalet Tepeyac. I first saw it at a travel show, and since it's not like the conventional hotels, we decided to stay here. When we arrived yesterday afternoon, I immediately saw some culinary magazines, but since I wasn't able to browse it right away, I asked the staff if I could take it with me in our room so I could read it at my own time. The staff was very kind to let me gather the magazines, and while K is asleep, I took the time to browse it one by one.

The magazine "Flavors," is the official magazine of the SM Hypermarket, Supermarket and Savemore. I have seen these magazines whenever we do the grocery, but didn't bother to browse through with it because it might contain only things about SM and its grocery stores... but now that I could get to have a free browse, might as well check it out.

Flavors Magazines

I was really surprised and pleased to know that it's not just about SM, it has a lot of information, too. Some of the issues had more recipes, others had more articles... but all contained very useful articles that really satisfied the foodie and the traveler in me. I cannot copy each of the recipes by writing it all up in my handy dandy notebook, so what I did was to take a photograph of each of the recipes that captured my interest, and maybe I could try some of it when I get home. I suddenly am excited to try out recipes from a new magazine.

When we do the next grocery, I might get myself a copy of this, so I can have more choices and I could try a whole lot of other dishes, too.

*** Jenn ***

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