Thursday, November 11, 2010

Desserts Came First

Crepes & Cream - SM City Fairview
Regalado Avenue cor. Quirino Highway, Quezon City
25 March 2010

It was the day my mom had her second eye operation. She was diagnosed with cataract, and it was recommended for her to have an operation. Her other eye was operated about three weeks prior to this, and since the operation only lasted an hour and it was pretty much an out-patient thing, my brother went with her while sister and I stayed home.

It was sister's day off, and mom told us to just meet them at SM City Fairview so we could have lunch together. The operation was scheduled around 9AM, and since there will still be some post-op check up, and that mom would still rest for a while, sister and I left the house around 11AM. While walking around the mall, she told me that crepes has been her "staple" food for the last week - it was something she normally crave, and us seeing the Crepes & Cream stall, sister asked if we could have desserts first while waiting for mom and brother.

Crepes & Cream - SM Fairview

From what I know, Crepes & Cream started in Singapore, and that it was first established in 2001. Here in the Philippines, they had UCC as its sister company. This establishment serves not just dessert crepes, but savory crepes as well.

Crepes & Cream - SM Fairview

The place was small. There were about 2 tables with cushioned L shape seats, 2 tables with normal chairs, and 2 more tables outside of the main perimeter. It's an open area - the only walls in the store were the ones dividing the mall and the outside area.

Sis and I were both curious about their savory crepes (it was the first time I heard about crepes being savory), but since we were there for some dessert crepes, here was what we had:

Crazy for Strawberry Crepe

Crazy for Strawberries (p145). My choice. I am not much into ice cream, but I do love strawberry ice cream. This crepe had a scoop of strawberry ice cream topped with whipped cream, chopped fresh strawberries, mini white chocolate chips, toasted almonds and drizzled with strawberry sauce. It was delicious and very comforting! The fresh strawberries had its right tang that blended well with the sweet ice cream, and the not-so-sweet crepe just balances all of the flavors.

Mango Mania Crepe

Mango Mania (P105). Sister's choice. If I am into strawberries, my sister is definitely into mangoes. It's her favorite fruit and she can even eat mangoes as her ulam (viand)! Anyway, this crepe of hers had a scoop of mango ice cream topped with whipped cream, toasted almonds, and mango jam. I gave it a taste and it was good. Sadly, am not a big fan of mangoes, so I would still say my crepes tasted better.

Sis and I

The crepe looked like a big ice cream cone, and each serving had a plastic spoon so foodies can scoop up and mix the ingredients inside. It was like eating an ice cream drumstick, only that the cone were crepes!

If you're in for a light dessert, this one's not for you. Even if it only had a scoop of ice cream inside, this one was kinda heavy, and I admit I had a little difficult time finishing it off. I was actually telling my sister I hoped mom and bro would arrive sooner so I can give them the rest of my crepe. Well, it became a good choice for us because mom's operation was delayed a bit, and the post-op procedure took time as well. They arrived around 2PM, and since we were all full still (they had lunch at the hospital), we decided to do the groceries first (with mom sitting at the Senior Citizen lane - they had a bench for the SC people) before eating dinner together.

Aside from the Savory and Dessert Crepes, they also serve: cake crepes, sundaes, milkshakes, cold / hot drinks - which include UCC brewed coffee, and ice cream by the scoop.

Crepes & Cream is located at the new annex of SM City Fairview, just under the stairway, and is fronting My Thai. Other branches they had include - The Podium, SM City North Edsa, The Fort, SM Megamall Atrium, Rockwell Powerplant Mall, and SM Mall of Asia.

*** Jenn ***

ps - This is just the first of the many Crepes & Cream food trips the family had. Expect for more articles from this establishment in the weeks to come.

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