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Eating with a Revolutionary Touch

KKK Food Revolution
Lower Ground Floor, Annex 1 - SM City Fairview
Quirino Highway cor. Regalado Avenue, Quezon City
+63 (02)351-6131
25 March 2010

KKK for Dinner

Continuing with the Food Trip from last week.... it was nearly 3PM when mom and brother arrived in SM City Fairview. After some chit-chats about mom's operation, she asked if sister and I already ate lunch. We told that we had some dessert crepes, and since all of us weren't that hungry yet, we decided to go grocery shopping. We just let mom sit by the Senior Citizens' lane, and we would just come to her every so often to drop some medicines into her eyes. When the shopping was done, mom suggested we just do early dinner so we won't have to cook anymore when we get home. Sis and I already made a choice where to eat, so we went straight to KKK Food Revolution.

KKK - Facade KKK - Facade
KKK - Dining Area

Sis and I saw this food place while walking around, and seeing the very nice theme behind the restaurant, we wanted to eat there. It was really, really interesting... staffs of the restaurant wearing traditional Filipino costumes, and the fixtures and overall aesthetics. The place was quite big, but because we had a shopping cart of groceries, we decided to take the table outside, which was something I am not that much fond of. Well, we surely can take any tables inside because the restaurant didn't have much guests, but because we will block certain areas of the restaurant if we push the cart inside, we basically had no choice.

Obviously, this restaurant serves Filipino dishes. I wasn't able to take a picture of the menu, but given the choices, the family had:

Kare Kare

Kare-Kareng Baka (Beef Kare-Kare) p275. A mix of tripe and beef meat chunks... I find the whole dish very delicious. Like I always say, I prefer my Kare-Kare just like that (I don't eat the bagooong), and even if it wasn't seasoned well, it was still a very good dish overall. I loved the thick sauce, and the chopped peanuts added more texture and flavor to the dish.

Sisig Kapampangan

Sisig Pampanga (p180). Rewinding to January of this year, I went out on a date, we talked about sisig. He told me his top three restaurants serving the best sisig, and he named KKK as one of those three. Seeing this one on the menu, I quickly chose it, and at first I wasn't pleased with how it looked - it was topped with lots of crushed chicharon, and given its price, my mind asked, "That amount for crushed chicharon?!?" Mixing it all up and squeezing the kalamansi juice into the dish, I gave it a taste, and immediately, my first impression was erased. It was actually really good. Well, not as delicious as the Congo Grille's version, but I did understand why my date named it one of the best. Not only was the texture great, the flavor was nice as well.

Grilled Tuna Belly

Tiyan ng Tuna (Grilled Tuna Belly) p258. My brother was really very strict with his diet, so knowing we ordered Sisig and Kare-Kare, he chose the grilled tuna belly so we will have something "healthier." The belly was already sliced into strips, and it already had a little sauce, which provided additional taste. I couldn't recall what we used as a dipping sauce, but we all enjoyed it.

Buco Shake

Mango Shake

Drinks p75. Sis had the buco shake, mom had the ripe mango shake, and bro and I opted for their bottomless iced tea.

The dining experience was great - especially that it was filled with lots of stories about mom's operation. Foods were all delicious, too... and KKK is instantly one of the food places we will surely visit again.

KKK Food Revolution is located at the lower ground floor of SM City Fairview. Other branches they have include: SM Mall of Asia (556-0755); Robinson's Place Manila (567-2186); SM City North-EDSA (332-2325); and SM Cubao (709-2467).

*** Jenn ***

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