Sunday, November 8, 2009


stuffed tomato

LaPiS goes Iron Chef, wherein each week, there will be a featured ingredient. For this week, it's the tomatoes. Vegetable or not, fruit or not, I think all will agree that tomatoes do taste good. =)

The above picture (blurred, yes) was taken in 2008, when my siblings and I attended QC Na! Kulinarya, Talento, atbp. One of the events for the festivity was a cook off between professional chefs. In a way, it was kinda like Iron Chef - having to use some particular ingredients in their dishes - but, the cook off wasn't shown to public - they just served the dishes and the judges would roam around the table to taste the dishes.

Free Treat

This one, also taken in 2008, was part of the "extra treats" at Italianni's. That time, they launched their "Extra! Extra!" promo, wherein they give something to diners - may it be extra dessert, extra appetizers, or extra drinks. I was privileged to be part of the group of foodie bloggers who got to attend the launch of the promo. I forgot what this dish was called, but paired with the crunchy bread with chopped mushrooms, it tasted great.

*** Jenn ***


Pinky said...

Love the first photo! Looks like a stuffed tomato dish with melted cheese on top - yum!

luna miranda said...

the mushroom dish in the second photo looks delicious! i can imagine the fresh flavor of tomatoes on top of mushrooms, yummy!

iska said...

I'd been planning to cook stuffed tomatoes for ages! That looks so yummy!

Jay - agent112778 said...

=P~ na kiki kain lang

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