Thursday, November 19, 2009

Last Meal

Creamy Carbonara

...before my friends and I went home after the Palawan trip, that is.

When Superferry Our Lady of Good Voyage docked in Manila South Harbor, people were scrambling, trying to leave the ship as quickly as they can. We were hoping to find a place where we can sit and talk about finances, but the port didn't have a lobby where we can stay at, so we just walked and walked, not minding how haggard we looked like.

Our walking led us to Shakey's. We thought it would be nice to have some snacks and just chill out - in a way all of us weren't ready to go back to the "real world" just yet. All of us had a plate of carbonara each. At first Kei and I just wanted something to drink, but when they served carbonara to Lei, Dianne, and Eric, we instantly drooled.

It wasn't the best tasting carbonara I had, but it was delicious. For 120php, I think this one's a good buy. And I love that they used a different kind of mushroom. I love button mushrooms, but I am getting tired eating it every time I eat carbonara.

*** Jenn ***


FoodTripFriday said...

I tried that before and yup, it's delicious!

chubskulit said...

That looks sumptuous!

Kainan na Korean Style.

luna miranda said...

carbo overload before going back to reality. nice!:p

Meikah said...

I don't like much Shakey's carbonara, too. But I like their Italian penne =P~

My Food Trip Friday is here.

acmumcee said...

wow!!! looks yum!!! i haven't been to Shakey's in ages.. have to try that next year.. =)

acmumcee said...

btw, here's mine

Cacai M. said...

mmmm... sarap!

here's My Friday Fill-ins

Cacai M. said...

naku sorry po, Friday fill-ins pala 'yon, ito po talaga: My Food Trip Friday #7

Sorry po for the mess.. :-(

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