Thursday, February 14, 2013

On Eating Healthy

Everyday is a learning process for me. When I decided to lose weight, I knew I had a lot of work to do, and that includes eating healthy. I am not really into sweets, but I admit I love meat and fatty food... something that is difficult for me to regulate. I am also a big fan of rice - I can certainly eat rice anytime of the day, making my daily food intake filled with lots of carbohydrates.

When I found out I have very high cholesterol levels, the doctor advised me to go easy on meat and bad fatty food. She specifically mentioned "bad," because (she said) not all fatty food are bad, and some can actually be beneficial to lower the HDL. One thing she suggested is to include avocados into my diet, but I was quick to say that I don't eat it because I don't like the feel of chunky avocados in my mouth. Now that I am re-learning the many ways to eat healthy and incorporating fruits into my diet, I want to go back to that advise and start teaching myself how to include avocados into the diet. One is to pair it with savory ingredients (like guacamole and chicken) or add it as a spread into my wheat bread.

Letting go of the bad eating habits can be challenging, but like I said, everyday is a learning process. I don't expect to go all-healthy in an instant, I can start by letting go of one bad habit at a time. As they say, there is no perfect diet, but there is such thing as a lifestyle change.

*** Jenn ***
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Jenn, the Foodie

I come from a family who loves cooking and eating. I never had any formal training in cooking and that I taught myself how to cook based on the handed down recipes, but I could say that I can cook good food. In 2008, I started documenting my food trips for my travel blog, and since I have quite enough to start a food blog, might as well put all those food trips in one location. Thus, a food blog is born - thanks to the new Friendster Blogs. However, due to several problems, I was left with no choice but to pack bags again and move here instead. Here's the permanent address, promise! Enough talk, let the food trippin' begin! {Know More About Me}