Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Cha Life Milk Tea Powdered Drink Mix

Ever since the canteen near mom's office closed, she and her close friends started taking packed lunch at work. Nowadays, it's mostly mom and Tita Cel taking care of their lunch, and Ms. Nerie would take care of their drinks as she doesn't cook that much. Mom said she would buy lots of 3-in-1 coffee packs and would fix them a cup each everyday. There were times mom would take home some of these coffee packs, and one time I was surprised to see something different:

Cha Life Instant Milk Tea

Cha Life Milk Tea Powdered Drink Mix.

Fixing myself a cup, I was amazed at how delicious it was. Well, it's not as delicious as my favorite milk tea, but for an instant milk tea drink mix, it was really good. It has a good blend of tea, milk, and sugar, but the best thing about it is that I know I can now fix myself a cup of milk tea whenever I crave for it - no need to go to the mall just to buy a cup of milk tea! :)

This drink mix can be added to either hot or cold water, but if you ask me, I prefer my Cha Life Milk Tea hot. It calms and relaxes me, and I feel it's creamier when it's hot.

I still haven't seen this at the nearby supermarket, but my sister always buys a few sachet at 7-11. It was I who asked her to try this (she's a big fan of milk tea), and knowing that she loved it, I know for sure I can just ask her to buy some so we could stock at home. Now, even her friend is hooked with Cha Life, after seeing sister and I chat about it on Facebook (she posted a picture on my wall raving about seeing some at the 7-11 branch near her workplace).

A sachet cost about 10 pesos, not bad for a cup of milk tea. I hope in time they could come up with different flavors... I would like to have a cup of Cha Life Wintermelon Milk Tea in the future. :)


Anonymous said...

ilove cha life tea.im not a tea person but once i tried it i got HOOKED.I drink it 3 times a day.hope it wont have a bad efects on my health.yeah its best when its hot!

Anonymous said...

I love cha life too. I've been looking for it at supermarkets but I haven't seen any. It's only available at 7-11

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