Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day from Max's Corner Bakery

Hello, fellow foodies! Happy Valentine's Day! How did you celebrate this special occasion? I celebrated it by having a dinner date with my sister, and it was probably the first time I really celebrated Valentine's Day - as far as I remember, I was just at home during this day.

I am currently single, but not totally lonesome. I do believe that as long as I have love in my heart, everyday is Valentine's Day for me. Okay, before I go super cheesy for this post, let me share this:

Max's Corner Bakery, home of the ever famous Caramel Bars is having a very sweet treat for Valentine's Day. Not only are these offerings perfect for the season, they are budget-friendly, too!
  • Red Velvet Cupcakes with cream cheese frosting for 50 pesos each;
  • A very rich and decadent Heart Shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake for only 199 pesos;
  • and 3 pieces of colorful and deliciously light French Macarons for 88 pesos.
These three treats I so want to taste... I have already tasted Max's Corner Bakery chocolate cupcakes and found it really good, so I am very sure their red velvet cupcakes will be equally good as well. If there's one item here I sure want to taste, it would be their version of the French Macarons as this is the first time Max's Corner Bakery offered this sweet indulgence. I love French Macarons a lot, even included eating it as part of my Bucket List, and I want to know if Max's Corner Bakery can make good French Macarons.

By the time I post this, it's already February 15th as it's already 11:33pm on my clock and I am watching a movie while typing this (yeah, weird way of multi-tasking, I know)... but the great thing is that these yummy desserts are available at any Max's Corner Bakery outlets until the end the month.

And who says Valentine's Day should only be celebrated every February 14th? Well, it may be the day to commemorate St. Valentine, but couples can actually celebrate it any time they want... as what a friend of mine said, expressing love need not be done only on February 14th. In line with this, people (families, group of friends, couples) who dine at any Max's Restaurant until February 17 and have a minimum purchase of 1500 pesos will receive a pack of Max's Corner Bakery French Macarons for free. Now that's tempting. :)

My tastebuds are really itching to taste those French Macarons... the question now is, can I choose any color I want? Seriously, I want my pack of French Macarons be purple and pink. I gotta visit Max's Corner Bakery tomorrow to know.

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