Monday, February 11, 2013

What's New at Manang's Chicken

Manang's Chicken - SM North EDSA

This wasn't the first time I dined at Manang's Chicken (SM North EDSA), first time was last December 31 when sister and I had our last food trip for 2012, and we also took home two buckets of potato chips, a bucket of chicken, and fried pancit, which became a part of our Media Noche and the rest we took with us when we went to Quezon Memorial Circle with the neighbors the day after. Manang's Chicken has been a family favorite, and at times, whenever I'm in Makati City and wanted to meet with my sister, our choice of food has always been Manang's Chicken.

Last week, I went to meet with my sister so we could have dinner together. I went to TriNoma that day hoping to meet with my cousin Marjorie, but I already left the house even before she commented on my FB post. I just went for a little shopping spree then met with my sister after.

You may recall a time when I shared a little timeline of Manang's Chicken... well, after that and the opening of their branch at Wilcon City Center (Visayas Avenue), Manang's Chicken opened three more branches: Imus (Cavite), Jupiter Street (Makati), and in Cainta (Rizal). I am not at all surprised with the growth of the company... they serve real good food and more and more people are loving it. Actually, when we let our neighbors taste their chicken, they all found it really good, even wondered if there's a branch in SM Fairview (the mall closest to our place) so they could try it, too.

So... what's new at Manang's Chicken?


Just last month, Manang's Chicken introduced three fresh side dishes: Coleslaw, Buttered Corn, and Macaroni Salad. For this particular food trip, both sister and I went for the Coleslaw for we do love our chicken with this vegetable side dish. It does have a dressing, but what makes this different is that it doesn't have that much dressing, making it a good (and healthier) pair for the chicken.

Pork Chop

For our meal, we had the Garlic Pork Rice Meal. Two new things about this particular meal. First, they now use pork chop or a big cut of kasim (as what's told by the friendly waitstaff), which is bigger than the previous fried liempo meal. Second, the rice serving is now much bigger, giving diners more satisfaction and more value to their money.

I loved that the pork was tender and was seasoned well, and sister and I loved it more that it has very little fat. Actually, my pork didn't have fat at all, and sister's meal just had this itty bitty amount of fat in it, making it much better than the liempo meal. As always, it tasted real good with lots of toasted garlic bits and the vinegar dip.

Potato Chips

Our meal at Manang's Chicken will not be complete without the Potato Chips. We never get tired of eating this one because it's not greasy and the cuts are thicker compared to the bagged potato chips bought at the supermarket. Aside from the Creamy Cheese and Mayo Garlic dips, Manang's Chicken now offers a new dip: Spicy Ketchup, which is really spicy! Normally, we combine Creamy Cheese and Mayo Garlic... now we combine three dips, resulting to an awesome potato chips experience. Just so you know, the Spicy Ketchup is Manang's Chicken's own blend.

Red Velvet Sundae Red Velvet Sundae

Just for this month, Manang's Chicken is offering a special dessert - the Red Velvet Sundae, a layer of freshly baked red velvet cake and creamy smooth vanilla ice cream topped with sprinkles. I don't know what's with the Red Velvet cake (any red velvet cake)...but we just love it, and this one was no exception. Sister and I loved their Velvet Sundae (chocolate cake with ice cream), but this one was much better! I loved the combination of the hot cake and cold ice cream, and it's quite saddening that this is only available within February. Sister and I better go back to Manang's Chicken before the month ends!

While dining at Manang's Chicken, we got to see a current contest they are having. To know more about this contest and any other details about Manang's Chicken, please check their Facebook Page and follow them on Twitter.

Next time we dine there, I'd make sure I go for the Manang's Fish Fillet as well as a piece of their double fried chicken in mild spicy seasoning.

PS - Sister took home one of their Crispy Chicken Sandwich, which became her breakfast the morning after. She really loves eating Manang's Chicken lotsa hours after it was cooked because the soy garlic seasoning goes deeper into the chicken meat, and doesn't mind if it's not as crispy anymore. If you ask me, I love my Manang's Chicken freshly made.

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