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Figaro Fort Pointe Now Open to Serve You!

Figaro (Fort Pointe)

For most of us, coffee is very important. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but I do love welcoming a new day with a hot cup of coffee with cream. That being said, there sure are a lot of coffee shops around, that even if one is close to another, it is still expected for these coffee shops to be full. I think having more to offer other than coffee and other drinks make these coffee shops to be a one-stop place to eat meal, enjoy coffee, and be with companions. Just in the Bonifacio Global City, there are already two Figaro shops - one in High Street, the other in Market! Market! - but the demand for more shops was high that another opens in Fort Pointe, along 28th Street in BGC last Monday, the 18th of February, 2013.

Figaro (Fort Pointe)
Figaro (Fort Pointe) Paper Bag | Wall Design

This quaint little shop might be a bit smaller compared to the other Figaro shops I've dined at, but what I loved about this branch is how well lighted the place is. The high ceiling also provides more air circulation. One thing I found cute - decorating the walls with the design that can be seen on Figaro's paper bags. :)

Figaro (Fort Pointe)

About lunch time during the opening day, diners were asked to pick a rolled piece of paper from a bowl, but were asked not to unroll it yet. When everyone had their own paper, unrolling it became a surprise for some as there were written prizes into it. I drew a blank paper, so I didn't get to win any of the Figaro mugs and pastries given off that day. As an added treat, the first 100 customers that day were also given a free cup of brewed coffee.

Seafood Pasta

Figaro offers three new pasta dishes, including this one - Seafood Pomarola.

Pasta a la Carlo

Pasta a la Carlo
I wanted to try something "new" that day, and went for this pasta. It wasn't really new as this has been a well-known and well-loved pasta by Figaro, but I still haven't tasted it, so it was new for me. A very healthy alternative to the meaty pasta because it uses tuna chunks and is like pasta puttanesca. It was spicy, but has a nice hint of sweetness that I truly loved! This one's a little heavy on the sauce and tuna chunks, so there were a lot of leftover sauce on my plate, which makes it a good topping to the bread that came with the pasta.


Figaro Meaty Lasagna
My brother opted to go for the Figaro Meaty Lasagna for his meal. It was super meaty, but I think it needed more bechamel sauce.

Coffee Jelly Float Mocha Java Oreo


Butterscotch Vanilla with Coffee Jelly was my choice of drink. I was told by the store manager that this one's slightly more richer and bitter than the other cold coffee drinks, but I still went to order this because of the coffee jelly and the vanilla ice cream on top. Sure it was bitter, but mixing the ice cream into the drink made it creamier and mellowed down the rich coffee flavor.

My brother went for Choco Chips Java Frappe. I wasn't able to take a sip, but he told me it tasted like the usual cold coffee drinks with choco chips.

Our pal FPJ chose Figaroccino Cookie Crumble. I was a little shy to ask him to allow me to this drink so I had no clue how it tasted.

Ham and Cheese

Ham and Cheese Bakes
A friend asked us to taste this because it is her personal favorite. The Figaro Bakes consist of four baguette slices topped with cheese and/or other toppings. Aside from the Ham and Cheese, there's also the Mushroom and Cheese, Cheese Pimiento, and simply Cheese.

Seeing that mound of toppings, I feared it might be salty, but it wasn't. It is such a simple food, yet very comforting. I consider it as a good snack and a good meal as well.

Figaro Club

Figaro Club
Capping off the bread overload, we had this. I have tasted quite a lot of Clubhouse, but what made me love this was the light mustard dressing that went very well with the ingredients. I wasn't able to photograph the stacks of ingredients, but it had: lettuce, chicken fillet, ham, cucumbers, tomatoes, and egg salad. It reminded me of my ever favorite clubhouse (Whistlestop).

Carrot Cake

Carrot Cake
The cake was moist, it is lightly sweet, but I didn't like that much because of the pineapple tidbits.

Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake
Oh my gosh... what a great serving of oh-so-good cake! I do love the Red Velvet Cake and this one satisfied me a lot! I was told that this used to be served only during Christmastime, but because a lot of people loved it, they made it part of their wide array of pastries.

Figaro Fort Pointe is open daily from 7am - 10pm. For those not familiar with the area, it is located at the old location of Pier One.

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