Monday, August 6, 2012

Buco Loco

Has it really been a week since I last posted here? Well, I had problems with Internet connection - signals break every now and then, and during night times it was really awful. Maybe it's the endless rain causing the breaks with the connection, but anyway, this weekend wasn't really that good as I hoped it would be, but we are all safe, so that is reason to be thankful.

Buco Loco Coconut Milk

This weekend, I was able to pass by a thrift shop where I got to buy 4 tops for only p15 each. Told myself I won't buy any clothes 'til I lose 20lbs., but p15 pesos a piece was so cheap, couldn't resist it. It was of good quality despite the price, one even had a tag still attached.

One thing I did a lot of last weekend though, was to watch "Criminal Minds" on DVD. It is one my favorite TV shows, and I started watching from the first season again, so my mind will be fresh when I start watching seasons 6 and 7, which I still haven't watched yet.

Last night, sister came home with this bottle of Buko Loco, a coconut drink that got her craving for it for many weeks already. This week, she has the early morning shift, so before coming home, she passed by SM Fairview to buy it.

I still haven't checked Buko Loco's kiosk, so I am not familiar with their drinks, but sister told me there's always a beeline of people. She went for this drink - with nata de coco inside - and I personally found it too milky, that it already lost that coconut flavor.

Of course, one sip isn't enough to conclude if I like it or not - so when I go to SM I will check it out and see if they have other flavors I might love.

Hope you all had a great weekend.

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