Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Food Finds Here and There

Internet connection is kind to me today, so might as well take the time to update this blog. I don't have anything specific to blog about, actually, but as I browse through my folders trying to find one specific picture, I realized I have taken food pictures here and there, and would like to share the pictures for this post.

Bignay Fruit Bignay Fruit

Bignay Fruit. This was the first time I saw such fruit. Months ago, I came across Bignay Juice, but when I saw these berry-like fruits at the market, I first thought it was fresh pepper. It was actually cheap for its price, but because I am not sure how it tasted, I didn't buy any, I just asked the vendor for permission to photograph it. Reading up on a few blogs, I realized I should've bought some, I suddenly became curious to its sweet-tangy flavor.


Dayap. My dayap memories took me back to when I was a kid and we would pick up some dayap fruit from our lot in La Union to make our dipping sauce for fried fish. Over the course of time, the dayap trees were cut off, so seeing this at the market for just 10 pesos per 1/4 kilo made us buy instantly. It's not as sour as calamansi or lemon, but it does deliver that citrusy taste.


Ginebra San Miguel Gin. I am not into gin, but seeing this while lining up at a nearby supermarket made me take out my cell phone to take a quick picture. I do know about gin-pomelo (gin mixed with pomelo flavored juice powder), but dalandan and melon flavored gin? Hmmmm....

Anybody tried this already?

Salmon Spines. This, brother bought. He was walking around the market looking for something to cook for dinner, when he saw this. We all know how expensive salmon is, which is why we usually go for the heads (cheaper than the steak cuts). It had a pretty decent amount of meat, so at 50 pesos per half a kilo, brother bought some and cooked it for dinner. Well, these may be scraps from salmon fillets, but it still is salmon, so for all its worth, we enjoyed this.

Mogu Mogu Strawberry

Mogu Mogu Drink (Strawberry). The nearby supermarket may be small, but it did have quite a lot to offer. Whenever I go to the drinks section to buy Yakult (which is my everyday drink - for digestion), the shelf filled with all the Mogu Mogu bottles would always catch my attention. I finally decided to buy one bottle and as much as people rave about it, I wasn't really that much pleased with it - I felt it was too sweet and it tasted quite "artificial." But, the nata de coco bits are definitely good! :)

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