Friday, August 10, 2012

A Refreshing Break

Coffee Break
Jaro, Iloilo

Hello, foodies! Sun is up now, but Internet connection's not that good yet. It's been a while since I shared food trips from way back, so let me continue now, so I can catch up with the current time. :)

After I went pasalubong shopping at the Biscocho Haus, I told K to walk past the store because I needed some refreshments. It was already late in the afternoon, and even if he and I shared some granola bars while waiting for a funeral service at the Jaro Cathedral to finish, I wasn't able to have a drink. Walking from the Cathedral to the Biscocho Haus made me really thirsty.

Coffee Break - Jaro

Thankfully, there's a coffee shop nearby. Coffee Break is not something new to me as I have seen branches in the Metro Manila and brother has talked about it before. Even so, it would be my first time to taste what they have to offer, so I was sort of excited about it.

Coffee Break - Jaro

The place isn't that big, and that time it was just K and I at the store, but during our stay some people came by - all took out their orders.

Oat Meal Cookie

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie. K wasn't much into eating snacks, so he only went for a bottle of Gatorade this one cookie. I didn't taste it as I don't eat raisins, but he said it was good.

Chocolate Mousse

Chocolate Mousse. I admit, I went there to have something cold to drink, but seeing how affordable their food are, I decided to try it, too. Chocolate Mousse is one of my favorite pastries - maybe because it has less "bread" and more "frosting." This one is so good - had the right balance of flavors, and since it's not that big (possibly 3x2 inches or a little bigger than that), it was just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth. For some it might be small... but this one's only p35, so one can order another one if it's not enough. :)

Irish Creme Frappe

Irish Creme Frappe. I am not a coffee-holic, so I don't know how each flavors should taste like. I went for this one 'coz it sounded delicious, and it was.


Tiramisu. This K and I shared. This wasn't part of our original order... after tasting how good their Chocolate Mousse was, I went back to order another pastry. Again, it wasn't that big, but because I have had a lot of something creamy and sweet, I asked K to help me finish this. It was good, it had the hint of alcohol taste I look for in a tiramisu, and the crushed cookie at the top added more texture and flavor to the pastry.

It was a good way to refresh - as always, K and I continued sharing stories about anything and everything, and from here we went straight back to the Inn. I hoped for us to check out Nelly Garden - even just photograph it from the outside, but with a big box of pasalubong, we thought it would be best to just head straight to the Inn.

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