Friday, August 17, 2012

Afrique's Smallville Iloilo City

Red Square Bldg.
Smallville Business Complex, Iloilo City
+63 (033) 5094900

 Because of my "heavy" snacks, it was already about 8pm when K and I decided to eat dinner. Going to SM Iloilo wasn't a good idea (for me) because the other food places there have branches in Metro Manila. The Korean restaurant a floor below our room was already closed, so asking an online friend where to eat, she suggested we go to Smallville. Sounded good to me as people have been talking about this place (which is near SM Iloilo by the way), and this dinner became my ticket to get there.

Afrique's - Smallville, Iloilo

There were a lot of food places in the area, but most didn't appeal to K. Walking around, he saw this place that looked family-friendly, so we chose to eat here.

Afrique's - Smallville, Iloilo
Afrique's - Smallville, Iloilo

Sure enough, it was family-friendly. It wasn't big, but while dining, a very big group came and the restaurant was able to accommodate it. As you can see in the first picture - they do have an al fresco side for diners who would like to smoke.

I find the ambiance a bit homey... and their placemat was really something amusing (too bad I wasn't able to take pictures of it). It listed a lot of things about "You're a Filipino if..." and the things listed were just hilarious - You're a Filipino if you have a tabo in the bathroom, you have the giant wooden spoon and fork as wall decor, etc. etc.

Wasabi Burger

Wasabi Burger. K didn't want something heavy, so he went for this, as this is something unique for him. I wasn't able to taste this one as my order was way too much for me to handle, but K said the wasabi wasn't so overwhelming and the mango did provide a good sweet twist to the burger.

Baby Back Ribs

Baby Back Ribs. The menu said "good for two," but I wasn't at all prepared it would be this big! I actually felt like a glutton having this in front of me, but it was surely good. It had an ample amount of meat that could satisfy four diners, and the corn that went with it gave a good compliment. I offered some to K, but he didn't want to... and halfway through, I asked him if we can take it out and give to some kid outside, but he strongly disagreed with me, saying if something happened to the kid, we might be held liable. Since our room at the inn didn't have refrigerator, we just left the food I wasn't able to eat.

Orange Juice

Orange Juice. As always, K went for Sprite, for today I was in the mood for a glass of OJ. :) It tasted just fine.

That dinner took about an hour - since I was really trying to eat all my food. When we got back at the inn, I had a very bad case of indigestion and heartburn, which caused K and I to have shallow sleep. Not a good way to spend our last night in Iloilo, but I did learn a good lesson - just eat what you can handle and not feel guilty about the food you can't finish.

PS - Big thanks to Ms. Maiylah of Food Friday for featuring my post last week.

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