Wednesday, June 27, 2012

ABC Wednesday | W and X

I still am coping with slow Internet connection, but I feel optimistic that the 30th is about to come - means the contractors will be here to check the problems. Hopefully come July I will have faster connection, giving me the chance to update my blogs regularly.

Today's Wednesday, here's my share for letters W and X.


W is for Wintermelon.

I thought for this round I'd share another watermelon picture and this morning I thought of taking a picture of the Worcestershire Sauce bottle we have at the pantry, but while eating dinner just a few hours ago, I remembered this picture I took last March.

My sister and I were in La Union that time for our cousin's wedding. They live in a house near the farm lands,  and while roaming around she saw this and asked me about it. Told her it's the Wintermelon, or Kundol as we call it locally. I heard this vegetable/fruit is used for soups, but I still haven't really eaten big chunks of it. The only Wintermelon by-products I got to tasted were the dried wintermelon candies and the Hopia Baboy (a type of pastry), which uses Wintermelon tidbits, which gives the pork fat texture. Nowadays, there are a lot of raves about the Wintermelon Milk Tea, something I am quite fond of.

X.O. Butter Caramel Candies

X is for X.O. Candy.

This is probably the only "X" food I can think of and I was glad the nearby store sells it. I am not sure how many flavors there is now, but my favorite would have to be this, the Butter Caramel candy. Although I don't really consider this as something I'd pop in my mouth most of the time, whenever  we are expecting guests here at home, I tend to buy a bag of this candy and serve this at the coffee table.

Two more letters left... I think I am going to finish this round of ABC Wednesday.

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