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Pastry Corner (The Bellevue Manila)

Pastry Shop
The Bellevue Manila
North Bridgeway, Filinvest Corporate City
Alabang, Muntinlupa City
+63 (02)771-8181 loc. 8016

The Bellevue Manila
Welcome Note

A few days before May ended, my sister and I had a staycation at The Bellevue Manila - a five star hotel in Alabang. My sister and I truly enjoyed our overnight stay and was so overwhelmed by its beauty and spectacular amenities. We had the Deluxe Room, but it was the biggest of all hotel rooms I stayed at - the bed was so comfortable and the bathroom was classy.

We got to roam around the hotel - checking out the poolside on both the Main Wing and the Tower Wings of the hotel and had a much needed massage at the Mandarine Spa. Apart from the awesome architecture and design as well as the other amenities at the hotel, one thing that made this day one of a kind was the food. Well, we weren't able to check out the Vue Bar as it is closed every Sundays, but all else, we got to try.

Writing about the dining experience at the Bellevue Manila will be long, so I decided to cut it into three posts, starting with their Pastry Corner.

The Bellevue Manila - Pastry Shop
The Bellevue Manila - Pastry Shop

Located at the Ground Floor of the Main Wing, the Pastry Corner offers homemade cakes, breads, pastries, and to-go snacks. Samples of their pastries are served at Cafe d'Asie as part of their buffet breakfast, lunch, and dinner, which is a great way to showcase the the goodness of their food. A lot of people rave about their pastries - one customer (who was there the time I take pictures) said he frequents the Bellevue Manila just to buy their ensaymada.

Chocolate Cake Fruit Cheesecake

I wasn't able to taste the Ensaymada, but I did take home the Chocolate Cake pictured at the left side. It's chocolate beyond chocolate, probably the most chocolate-y cake I have tasted. For it's kind, the p900+ price tag was way worth it... actually part of me felt the price was slightly cheaper than what I expected it to be.

Sister bought 2 pieces of Cinnamon Roll with Cream Cheese (which I wasn't able to take a picture of) as the Ensaymada was already sold out...again, something worth its price (p55 each) as it was big, the bread was soft and it had a lot of cinnamon and raisins. The cream cheese topping was so thick, that we wished the hotel is just near our location so we can buy their pastries whenever we crave for it.

This month of June, the Pastry Corner has three special cakes for sale:

  • Brazo de Mercedes - Custard-filled meringue made of eggs and sugar.
  • Crema de Fruta - Soft, multi-layered cake containing cream, custard, gelatin, and candied fruits
  • Sansrival - Crunchy cake made of layered crisp meringue covered with butter cream and nuts.

Whether you're staying at the Bellevue Manila or not, you are most welcome to buy at the Pastry Shop. It's open from 7am to 9pm, but if you live quite a distance away from the hotel, you can phone them first to inquire about the availability of the products.

Next post will be about our dinner at the Phoenix Court.

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