Monday, June 25, 2012

Early Dinner with the Family

My Internet was a bit unstable the past few days. Seems our antenna is having a difficult time receiving signals, but contractors will look into it by the end of the month. Hopefully by July our connection will be better than ever.

Sister's schedule at work allowed her to spend Saturday afternoon with us, so the family decided to eat out. Biggest craving we had was Halo Halo, so we went to the nearest Chowking branch to have our Halo Halo fix as well as eat early dinner (as sister has to be on the road by 6pm).

Chicken Lauriat

Chicken Lauriat. Sister's meal. She just went with the typical fried chicken (which I always believe to be dry), because she just love fried chicken.

Chunky Beef Chow Pao

Beef Chow Pao. Newest food on the menu... mom went for this instead of her usual siopao just to try it out. I wasn't able to taste it, but mom didn't like seeing just 4 strips of beef inside mixed with some slices of tofu.

Supreme Chicken

Chicken Supreme. Brother's meal. I personally like it especially the sauce, but I don't usually go for this as I love their Chinese Chicken the most.
Chorizo Chow Fan with Lumpia

Chorizo Chow Fan + Lumpiang Shanghai. I initially wanted the Shanghai Lauriat but I thought it would be way too heavy, so I just went for the Chow Fan. I love chorizo and this was something I haven't tasted yet, so I chose it. Not delicious as I hoped it would be.. it was called Chorizo Chow Fan yet it didn't have that much Chorizo pieces.
Halo Halo

Halo Halo. Us three girls had a glass each of Halo Halo... and despite the rants I had about my Chow Fan, this Halo Halo cooled me. I really love Chowking's Halo Halo, but it was the Ube ice cream that I loved the most. :)

It was an okay dining experience (not the best, but not worst), but I loved it because I was with my family.

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