Thursday, June 14, 2012

ABC Wednesday | U and V

I lost track of time, so another catch up post for me.

Magnolia Ube Ice Cream

U is for Ube Ice Cream.

Known as purple yam, ube is considered to be one of the most unique ice cream flavor, maybe because it's a root crop (tuber). I admit this isn't my favorite flavor (strawberry is), but two weeks ago, my sister and I were craving so much for Ube Ice Cream, but that specific day, there was no available Ube flavor in the nearby supermarket! Well, I went back to the supermarket last Saturday, I was able to see the freezers (each brand has its own freezer) filled with new stocks! Well, I still want to taste that "Best of the Philippines" Ube Keso (Ube - Cheese) ice cream because it used the purple yam jam from Baguio City, but it was quite expensive, so I will just have to get back next time.

Nestle Ube Ice Cream

That day, I just bought myself a small container (possibly half a cup) of Ube Ice Cream, just to satisfy my cravings. Honestly, I still love Magnolia (the brand), but this one - Nestle, would do for now.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

V is for Vietnamese Spring Rolls.

I am not much familiar with Vietnamese food, but this platter of Vietnamese Spring Rolls was served by Pho Hoa during the Appetite Magazine "Taste the World" event. Well, I could say I am not totally raving about it the first time I tasted it, but as I eat my second bite-size cut, I got to appreciate its taste. Since it's fresh (the meat inside is cooked, of course), it has a refreshing feeling to the mouth, and the sauce was something that binds all the flavors together.

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