Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bar-B-King (SM Megamall)

Basement, Bldg. B - SM Megamall
EDSA corner J. Vargas Avenue, Mandaluyong City

I really love trying something new, so when I received an invitation to a Bloggers' Event at Bar-B-King, I didn't hesitate to say yes to it. Actually, I almost didn't get to attend this event because I was still in La Union and my aunt wanted me to stay a bit longer, but I told her I have "a date" (with my brother, that is). I traveled back to Manila on Wednesday night and arrived home morning of Thursday, so I was still able to rest before brother and I went to SM Megamall.

Bar-B-King SM Megamall

The invitation said "Basement - SM Megamall," and first question brother asked was, "Which building?" I just answered, "Let's just walk, we will see it." Well, it wasn't really difficult to locate, as the red facade caught our attention quickly.

Bar-B-King SM Megamall


Entering the restaurant, I immediately liked the look of the place - it was clean and it had a great view of the kitchen... ensuring the quality and ensuring the cleanliness of the food served to the diners.

Dishes served at this "Quick Serving Restaurant" obviously focuses on charcoal-grilled dishes, but the "king" of their menu (if I may call it like that) is their Grilled Angus Beef Belly. Just the sound of the dish already made my eyes go big as Angus Beef always tasted great for me, but the price was the one that really made me go "wow."

150 pesos for grilled Angus Beef Belly, carrots and corn sidings, 12oz. of soda, unlimited Bar-B-Rice, and unlimited soup. Just the sound of it is already a great value for money.

For the soda, they serve Pepsi products, so I went for Mountain Dew.

Tinola Soup

Tinola Soup. Our meal was served with this soup. It was tasty - it really tasted like Chicken Tinola we cook at home, though I have to say it was a bit salty for my taste. Other than that, this was a good soup to accompany the meal.

Grilled Angus Belly Grilled Angus Belly

Grilled Angus Beef Belly Meal. The Bar-B-Rice isn't Java Rice, if you want to know. They didn't tell us what was in it, but we felt it was annatto. :) As for the beef, people behind Bar-B-King said it's USDA Certified Angus Beef that they imported then marinated in secret seasonings, baked then grilled. The beef was hot-off-the-grill so it was so fresh when we had it and it was indeed juicy, flavorful, and very tender. Their Au Jus Gravy was a little thicker than the regular gravy served at different food places and I really loved it.

The plate on the left was Aylin's (of BubblyFluffy), the one on the right was mine. Looking at it, it was quite obvious that the one on the left had more meat than the one on the right, but even if my plate didn't have much meat just by the look of it, it certainly made me feel full... and no, I didn't fully eat the fat, though yes, I tasted it (out of curiosity) and it was indeed good! I asked about it and they told us that even if plates had different cuts of beef, each cut was weighed and every plate had the same amount of beef by weight. I guess if you're not into fatty cuts of meat, you can just tell them beforehand that you prefer a cut with more meat.

In the end, I can truly say it was a good value for money and I sure want to eat it again and maybe try their other dishes.

In case you wanna know, these are their other dishes:

  • Pork Bar-B-King
  • Liempo King
  • Honey Chicken Bar-B
  • Bar-B Chops
  • Bar-B Shrimps
  • Inihaw na Pinaputok na Bangus (with Ensalada)
  • 1/2 pound Angus Bar-B Burger

Noodles and Merienda

  • Sweet Style Bar-B Spaghetti
  • Pancit Bihon
  • Pancit Canton
  • Pancit Luglog

Soups and Sides

  • Tinola
  • Sitaw at Kalabasa
  • Monggo
  • Ensalada with Bagoong

They also offer Pork Bar-B-King for Take Out at 35 per stick, 330 for a box of 10 and 650 for a box of 20. For desserts, they have Sundae Twist.

Cheapest food on the menu were the vegetable sides (Sitaw at Kalabasa and Monggo) as well as the Sundae Twist at 29 pesos. Most expensive would be the 1/2 pound Angus Bar-B-Burger and 2 pieces Bar-B-Chops at 165 pesos. Even at the most expensive, it was still very affordable, especially that all Bar-B Meals come with a glass of soda and unlimited rice and soup.

Bar-B-King is at the Basement Level of SM Megamall - Bldg. B, near Worlds of Fun. You can check their website HERE and their Facebook Page HERE.

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