Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bellissimo Bellevue!

There’s more to great Italian dining than pasta, pizza and panini! Let The Bellevue, the best 5-star hotel in the Southern Metro, take you closer to the sprawling wineries and quintessential cities of Italy for an authentic Italian dining at its main dining outlet Café d’Asie. Experience a soulful gastronomic journey around Italy and discover the cultural flavors of each of its 20 regions for an Italian Food Festival dubbed "I Love Italy" from April 26 to 30. The Bellevue’s Italian chef Tonino Ianocceli shall titillate your taste buds with a live cooking station and mouth-watering buffet of specialties.

Savor the richness of flavors from its northern region in Lombardy through its creamy risotto and the irresistible array of pizzas coming from its southern region as far as Sicilia. Indulge in a bed of succulent antipasti from prosciutto di parma, carpaccio, panacetta, to smoked salmon and cold seafoods. Take pleasure in a serving of insalata rich with fresh greens, herbs and dressings; a wide array of famous formaggio from the cheese capital of Piemonte. Get acquainted with its traditional meat dishes comprising of beef (bue), pork (miale), chicken (pollo), lamb (agnello), veal (vitello) as well as an array of pastas in a various shapes, colors, and blends. And surrender to sweet endings with heavenly dolce de frutta such as panna cotta, creambrulee, cioccolato, gelato, tiramisu.

For just P1, 390 nett, you can avail of this special lunch and dinner buffet that go along with a free glass of red wine. Bon appétit!

For inquiries, call 771-8181, 09178718181 or 09188718181.
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