Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Cheese and Bell Pepper Lumpia

My friend Ria always cook cheese and bell pepper lumpia, and I do love the combination of two ingredient - it was like eating pizza minus the tomato sauce. :) One time when we both went to the grocery, I saw her checking out some green bell peppers and it prompted me to buy some, too, so I can cook the same dish at home. However, it was such a failure because no matter how tight I sealed the cheese, it still oozed out the wrapper creating a whole lot of mess. I told her the next time she prepares another batch, I'd go and watch as she wraps the ingredients.

Cheese and Bell Pepper Lumpia

Last Sunday, she called on me for a little tutorial. It was effortless on her part and I told her I would watch as she fries the pieces because it would be the real test of cooking. She complained about the wrapper being too fragile, but when she fried the lumpia, none of the cheese oozed out even if there were some big holes on the wrapper. Arrrgh! Why can't I do that, too?

So okay... today I tried doing it the exact same thing she did, and this happened:

Cheese and Bell Pepper Lumpia

Another failure!

Clearly, I don't know what was wrong. Was it the wrapper? The cheese? The oil? I love this snack but it just doesn't love me! Oh well... there goes my April Fools joke, but still, despite the burnt cheese covering the wrappers, I still enjoyed my snack.

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