Monday, August 22, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 33

At first I was posting my Foodie 365 posts every Saturdays, then lately I was posting it every Sundays for the Yummy Sunday meme, but because I was busy cleaning my closet and I played "the Sims 2" yesterday, my post is obviously very late.

Without further intro, here are the foods that made up my Week 33:


225. Chatime
Robinson's Galleria

After sis and I attended the Yummy Magazine Cooking Demo, we passed by Chatime, which sis said serves good milk tea drinks. I went to order their bestseller - the Pearl Milk Tea, while sister went for their Mango Smoothie because I already ordered her first choice. :)

My first milk tea drink was Chowking's nai-cha, and I didn't like it because it had a very strong taste. The pearl milk tea of Chatime is much, much better... and I really love to have a taste of it again.

Jolly Hotdog

226. Jolly Hotdog

Lazy weekends again... and we opted to have foods delivered. Obviously, I went for their hotdog sandwich because I am trying to eat less (hekhekhek).

Laguna Afritada

227. Laguna Afritada

There are so many recipe food memes, and I hoped to join all of them, but I admit it was difficult to try at least two recipes a week. This week, though, I was able to cook one - the Laguna Afritada. If you want to try it out, you can check the recipe HERE.

My Dinner

228. Chicken, Tofu, and Mung Bean Sprouts

Us siblings are big chicken eaters. We can certainly live eating fried chicken everyday. For tonight's dinner, sister requested for fried chicken, and brother used the McCormick Buffalo Wings mix to bread the chicken and because sister wasn't into spicy dishes, the sauce was served on the side. Brother also cooked the firm tofu in oyster sauce and chili garlic sauce, as well as stir fry some mung bean sprouts just to add a vegetable to the meal.

This plate was my dinner for that day - a piece of thigh fried chicken, 1/4 cup of bean sprouts, 10 pieces 1x1 cube tofu, and 3/4 cup of rice.

Spicy Pesto

229. Spicy Pesto-Carbonara Pasta

This wasn't my main dinner that night, but I did get to taste some of this pasta, which our neighbors gave us. At first glance it looked like carbonara (minus the cream) because of the toasted bacon bits, but under the nest of spaghetti were chopped herbs, and some slices of button mushrooms and black olives. Although way too spicy, it was also delicious, and I am thinking of cooking it my way, too.

C-Lium in Water

230. C-Lium in Water

Even if I am cutting back on food, I notice that I am not taking in enough fibre - I don't eat that much fruits, I cannot encourage myself to eat oatmeal and it's not always that we eat veggies. The solution I came up with was to buy C-Lium Fibre.

Honestly, it didn't taste good and my body had some negative reactions to it, but my sister told me I shouldn't give up on it quite easily because in time my body will adjust to it well enough. For now, I am just thankful that I am getting a little help introducing fibre in my body.

BLT Crepe

231. BLT Crepe
Crepes & Cream - SM City Fairview

It was QC Day so mom was home. Us three girls went to watch "the Smurfs" in 3D as well as do grocery shopping. Before going home, mom asked if we could have some snacks, and since sister is craving for ice cream the past few days, we went to eat snacks at Crepes & Cream. They went for the ice cream crepes, while I opted to go savory - because I think tomatoes and lettuce was a good option compared to ice cream.

I took this picture while they were preparing my crepe. They wrap the crepes and serve it in paper cones, so I took the picture before they folded the crepe.

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