Sunday, August 7, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 31

The last entry for my Foodie 365 was at #209, but when I checked the calendar, I should start this week at #211... I don't know what mistake I made, but obviously there was a mistake in numbering the pictures. Anyhoo, this is Week 31.

211. Nilagang Baka

211. Nilagang Baka

Something I shared for Weekend Eating last Monday. :)

212. Chocolate Blanco

212. Chocolate Blanco by Pan de Manila

When we bought some bread and bottles of jam at Pan de Manila a month ago, sister also included a sachet of their chocolate mix, which made me want to taste their coffee mix, too. Seeing they only have three varieties of drink mix, we also bought this one. Their white chocolate mix tasted like melted white Toblerone; quite sweet for this amount of water, so I guess I should've used a bigger cup or maybe a mug for this one.

213. Roasted Chicken

213. Rotisserie Chicken

We've been craving chicken (I personally am craving for KFC), so sister sent mom a text message if she could buy chicken for dinner. Mom went to buy the chicken at Robinson's Place Novaliches, and this priced at p179, it was one of the better options, considering the roasted / lechon chicken sold outside the neighborhood wasn't that tasty compared to this.

214. Simple Fried Chicken

214. Fried Chicken

Chicken na naman?!? Well, yes! Chicken again! Actually, this was sister's request... our main viand for that dinner was Pork Sinigang, but brother still bought and friend small thigh cuts of chicken to satisfy sister's cravings. I also got to eat a piece as well.

215. Beef Caldereta

215. Beef Caldereta

Just a simple take on the dish... no green peas because mom doesn't like it, no bell peppers because we weren't able to buy some. :)

214. Pork Barbecue

216. Pork Barbecue

Mom hosted the prayer meeting here, and she served pork barbecue and tuna sandwich for snacks. She ordered the barbecue (there's this barbecue house near her office), and because she ordered quite a lot, we also got to eat some for dinner (the prayer meeting was at 8:30pm). I only had a stick of barbecue because I was already watching my food intake.

215. Pumpkin Cream with Beer Ice Cream

217. Pumpkin Cream with Beer Ice Cream

I was invited for a private degustation at Fever Luxe Lounge in Sofitel, and after feasting on very yummy dishes, we were served this for dessert. More about this story on my Weekend Eating post tomorrow.

Seems I ate quite a lot of meat this week; Next week, I will try to eat more fish and veggies.

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