Sunday, August 14, 2011

Foodie 365 | Week 32

Foods I ate last week...

218. Fish Paksiw

218. Fish Paksiw

I just had a taste of this dish, though... as I ate a sandwich an hour before I cooked this for dinner.

219. Dinuguan

219. Dinuguan

Mommy was able to ask for free pig's blood at the market, so I cooked this dish for lunch. If you read my personal blog, you know now that I am cutting back on food (and I started exercising, too) because I wanted to lose weight. Even if this dish tasted good, I only ate 1/2 cup of it (paired with a cup of rice). We still have remaining blood in the freezer, so I might cook this dish again, and might add some extenders (thinking of upo or sayote) to make it a bit healthier.

Fish and Chips with Mango Butter Sauce

220. Fish and Chips with Mango-Butter Sauce

Surprised to see one cream dory fillet in the freezer (which we somehow have forgotten already), I went to cook it the way we always do here in the house: Fish and Chips! I used a different dipping sauce, though, and if you want to know how I made the mango-butter sauce, you can check the recipe HERE.

Pork Nilaga

221. Pork Nilaga

Whenever mom sees the tail part of the pork in the market, she couldn't resist not buying it, even if we would scold her a bit because it's quite fatty. Anyway, no one can really break mom's decision once she made it, so we could just cook it. :)

222. Steamed Tilapia

222. Steamed Tilapia

My aunt has diabetes and one time she asked me to buy her a copy of DiabetEASE Magazine, and in one of the magazines I bought for her, it said that among the fish people can eat, the tilapia is one of the unhealthiest, for reasons I cannot recall now. Anyway, since tilapia is one of the cheapest fish people can buy, the magazine didn't really ask people to stop eating it, but they did recommend that if people are to eat this, they should minimize frying it and just cook it the healthy way - grilling or steaming.

I saw some cabbage and carrots in the fridge, so I added some for my lunch.

Corned Beef Rice with Egg

223. Corned Beef Rice

As my friend Joe called me, I am lazy (today). Instead of going to the market and buy ingredients, I went to open the can of corned beef for lunch.

The egg I just put there for photo purposes, I didn't eat it.

224. Tuna Vermicelli

224. Tuna with Sotanghon

We had fresh fish in the freezer, but for some reason, brother opted to open the can of tuna and cook this for dinner. It was delicious, but I kinda regretted putting 1 cup of rice on my plate, I should just went for 3/4 cup or maybe even 1/2 cup of rice, because the sotanghon was quite filling as well.

Last weekend, I told myself I'd eat more fish and vegetables this week, and I think I was able to fulfill the fish part of it, but I admit I still am struggling to find a balance with my food intake. Still, I am happy that I am now learning how to cut down my food intake without feeling I was cheated. :) At least I know my body won't rebel against me anytime.

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