Friday, July 16, 2010

Pick-Up Chicks

One of the good things about going out with brother is that he has this kind of kid attitude - kinda like putting a kid inside the toy store. He goes to every nooks and crannies of places, and when we went to the weekend market of Lung Center of the Philippines, we literally checked every kiosk in every aisle!

Since I was just there a week ago, all I can do was to take pictures of "something new," and one of those foods that caught my attention was this:

Pick Up Chicks

I was pretty amazed at how good Filipinos brand their goods, and me blurting out, "oh how cute," sparked a short conversation with the owners. The wife said it was her husband who taught of the name for their chicken, and they let us taste the chicken - currently there were two flavors: Inasal and Rosemary. The rosemary chicken was good (although I personally am not a big fan of rosemary as it tends to taste like wood), and the inasal tasted like the usual inasal, but without the smokey flavor (I think the chickens were oven roasted). I actually like to "pick up some chicks," but for 140 pesos for half a chicken, brother and I thought it was a bit expensive, considering we can buy a whole lechon manok for 160 pesos.

Still, I might consider buying one in the future, as the chicken meat was well seasoned and it was tender juicy.

*** Jenn ***


maiylah said...

me, too. i want to go through every nook and cranny but hubby doesn't seem to enjoy it. lol. those pick-up chicks does look yummy... i wish we can go this weekend!

Dharma Shots said...

Pretty interesting name :D. Inventive and catching too. I'd love to try this one out also.

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