Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Keeping a Food Log

Tuesdays are supposed to be about food talks from my siblings, however, with the demise of our desktop PC, I cannot access photo files from my siblings. Instead, I will just use this space for my own blahbbies. :)

While browsing the newspaper, I came across an article on "How to Keep a Food Log." It was just this week that I really put my heart into losing weight (yes, starting all over again - ugh... how many times have I started again and again)... I think this is the best thing for me to do foodwise, to keep track of what goes on into my body. That way, I would think twice whether I will eat something or not - because obviously, seeing a lot of written items on the journal would mean I ate a lot. But... am I ready for this? I hope I am.

Re-writing the tips, it said in the article:
1) Get a portable journal or go digital. - I guess I will do this both... I will write all of my food intakes in my planner so I can browse it from time to time, and I will also be brave enough to write it all down here on my blog (maybe I will just use the space for Saturday), so that it would be as powerful as its purpose. Of course, publishing all my food intake for everybody to read would also somehow allow people to comment about it - give inspirations or motivations.

2) Focus on portion size. - It said in the article to put in how much or how many of a certain food items you ate. It would really require a lot of effort to count just how much I ate, but then again, it would also be a good thing to stay true to the portions.

3) Don't forget the drinks. - Actually, I already thought about making some marks on our whiteboard just how many glasses of water I have taken during the day, but I still haven't done it. I guess now I really have to, but I will first measure the exact amount of water my little cup holds. Many articles say that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water everyday, some some about 2 liters... I would really like to know if I really am getting enough water in my system.

4) Write down everything. - Wow... this really make things more difficult to cheat, eh? Hehehehe. Publishing this post meant me agreeing to this, so okay... I will write down everything.

There are actually 12 tips on the original article, but the paper only trimmed it down. If you want to read the real article, just click HERE. On Saturday, I will write about the entry on my food log. Fitness, here I come!

cough cough.

*** Jenn ***

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