Saturday, July 3, 2010

No Longer Living to Eat?

Adobong Kangkong

I am not a glutton, but I do love to eat. My love of food has actually made my late father tease me that I should "eat to live," and not "live to eat." I always told him I will live to eat, because it was just so fun eating.

I acknowledge the fact that I have very big problems with my weight. My very slow metabolism paired with hormonal imbalance made it very difficult for me to lose weight. Well, I also do have a very bad discipline, so I always find myself in square one. I told myself that even if I get to be 150lbs., I would be a happy woman.

This November, my British friend would be flying here in the Philippines and we would do a two-week holiday going to places like Baguio and Iloilo. Iloilo has beaches and I do want to take a dip in its waters... and even though I could always wear any kind of clothing, part of me wanted to wear something appropriate for the beach, and for that I need to lose weight.

I still can't discipline myself to eat a cup of oatmeal for breakfast because I would be very hungry the time I wake up in the morning. For a week now, I have been eating mostly vegetables for dinner minus the rice. These vegetable dishes had meat, yes, but my take on dieting was to minimize the intake of meat by eating more vegetables. Lunch time will be a normal one - but if there would be left over from the night before, that is what I eat for lunch. I know this effort was clearly very minimal, but I do pray that I could get myself adjust to eating just oatmeal for breakfast and cut down my lunch, I guess I will do good. FYI, I do eat oatmeal, even if it was just cooked in water - I just tend to get hungry after an hour so I sometimes don't eat oatmeal anymore and just eat heavy for breakfast and probably skip lunch or eat late lunch at 2pm.

So many diets available out there, yet I still haven't found the one that would suit my type. I guess I will just have to continue doing this effort and continue with the exercise routine so that come November, I'd be a slimmer. I know I won't be supermodel sexy in three months time, but I do know I could trim down. I just need a little intervention. :)

I guess I am no longer living to eat now... but I still would eat - to live.

*** Jenn ***

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