Thursday, May 20, 2010

Lunch at Mang Jimmy's

Mang Jimmy's

I was writing a blog entry on my Travel Blog about a meet up with my forum friends, and because I didn't have much pictures that would elaborate about our lunch, I decided to just use this picture as my Food Trip Friday entry.

For lunch, Ferj, Kei, and I went to Mang Jimmy's in Balara, Quezon City. The simple looking carinderia has made a buzz about serving good food, and is a popular food place among the students of UP Diliman and other people near the area. Ferj (who studied in UP Diliman) recalled moments of his past and for him it was a nice thing that Kei and I were already eating there.

There was no more "rice all you can," but at that time, diners can have one free dish for every three dishes ordered. We had sizzling tapa mix, sizzling tuna (not in picture), sizzling blue marlin, and for our free dish, we had the bulalo, just so we could have some broth.

I am not a big tuna eater, so I ate more of the blue marlin. Actually, all the dishes were good. And believe it or not, the sizzling dishes were only Php100 each! Three diners, three dishes... it was so great! Kei and I had a wonderful time getting the marrow off the bone!

It's been more than a year since we last ate there. I miss Mang Jimmy's foods!

*** Jenn ***


FoodTripFriday said...

Sarap naman kumain sa place na iyan, may libre pang Bulalo!

Cecile said...

Dang, I am drooling sa entry mo, dinuguan at bulalo...sarap!

luna miranda said...

buy 3 take i, good deal! at nakikita ko ang litid sa bulalo--sarap nyan!:p

momgen said...

Wow sarap naman niyan...Happy FTF!

Mine is here

Eng said...

i will persuade the hubby to take me to mang jimmy's place when we are home next time!

ShutterHappyJenn said...

@FoodTripFriday - We chose bulalo as our free dish, but there are lots of choices. Basta 3 + 1.

@Cecile - It's not dinuguan, it's sizzling tapa mix. :)

@Luna Miranda - Hmmm... Yang litid litid na yan ang dahilan kung bakit kami tumagal sa upuan. Ang sarap!

@MomGen - The blue marlin tasted the best for me.

@Eng - Please do. The foods are delicious.

Sheren-May said...

Sarap ng mga order niyo Jenn!!! Kakamiss talaga yan.. Have a great weekend!!!

Lulu said...

oh i miss bulalo... my brother used to cook this for me.... waaaaaaa i miss home tuloy dahil sa entry mo

Mylene said...

Hmm bago sa pandinig ko ang Mang Jimmy's. Pero mukhang panalo talaga ung nsa sizzling plate at mura ha.

Nedekcir said...

Ang daming masarap on this week entree. Then my cousin told me it was the town fiesta where I came from, lalo ko ng namiss ang mga pinoy food. Kailangan magluto ako this weekend.
Hirap lang humanap ng ingredients...:(

Cacai M. said...

Ooh yeah.. pwedeng bulalo ang sa akin? hehehe.. I miss that already.. :( Anyhoo, thanks for sharing.. you guys had a wonderful time and looks like it's a very good deal! Great! Happy food trip, indeed.

By the way, here's My Food Trip: HomeMade Halo-halo

See yah.. ;-)

AC said...

my first time here sis... and I agree with your tag line... life is short, so eat all you can... hahaha!!!

I soo love bulalo... and until now I can't make it... yung akin di nag iiba sa nilagang baka... hahaha!!!

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