Thursday, May 13, 2010

Ice Scramble

Back from a long hiatus!

I am a person who likes working on a chronological order, and checking my last post for Food Trip Friday, the image dated back to November of 2009, and since most of my images were saved in DVDs and that our DVD-ROM was unaccessible at the moment, so I will just use the images I already have in my Flickr.

132/365 c2 - Ice Scramble

Yesterday, my siblings and I went to the mall early so we could eat lunch together. Since my sister got her job, we rarely get to spend time together because even if she has a day off every Wednesday, she sometimes use it to be with her friends or to have her own time.

While we were searching for this photo booth that prints picture at the cheapest rate than the other photo shops, I spotted this food kiosk that sells ice scramble. I asked brother if he could buy me a cup, and he gladly treated me out. When I gave it a taste, it instantly sent me back to my childhood years, when my brother and I would always go with our paternal grandpa whenever he would go to the market and he would buy us a cup each. The taste was the same, the look was the same... except this one was (I think) more hygienic.

One good thing about this food trip - when I took out my camera to take a picture of the ice scramble, the staff quickly got the syrup containers and squeezed more into my cup. For 10 pesos, this cup of goodness was something I was thankful about.

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chubskulit said...

Sarap naman nyan!

Spice Up your life

Cecile said...

wow, this is good during summer, sarap!

tatess said...

nakakamiss ang scramble na nilalako sa kalsada sa atin .sarap lalo na pag summer

FoodTripFriday said...

One of my favorite after-school chichirya! :D
Welcome back!!!We miss you and jay!

sheren-may said...

With your post, I remember my childhood days. Favorite ko yang scramble, even my parents discouraged me to eat it coz it's dirty lagi ko pa rin inaabangan si manong tindero LOL!!! I love it most when there's chocolate syrup. Happy weekend!

life's journey said...

This is yummy....Happy FTF!

Mine is here

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