Monday, May 17, 2010

Cooked Meals for Lunch

Lung Center Weekend Market

Yesterday, my brother and I went to Market One - the weekend market at the grounds of Lung Center of the Philippines. Normally, whenever I go there, I always buy cooked foods from one stall - Tita Norm's. However, for this trip, brother and I concentrated much on the food stalls located in the middle of the whole market. The good thing about these food stalls was that people can get free taste of the food (they have little spoons ready) to help them decide. I don't know why brother didn't really gave much attention to Tita Norm's stall, but in the end I thought it would be better for me to taste other cooking, too, just to widen the horizon.

There wasn't a name for this stall, but from here we bought three dishes: Pork Binagoongan (Php 75), Bopis (Php 75), and Ginataang Langka (Php 50). The dishes were packed in microwavable containers, and since it was getting so hot (it's nearly lunch time) and we didn't have any other plans, brother and I decided to take it home we could eat lunch with mom.

I am not much a big fan of the pork binagoongan, but I did find it delicious. The bopis was delicious, too, although not spicy for my taste. I sure hoped they added a few more chilies on it, but I do understand that some people might not want too spicy dishes. The ginataang langka was the best among the three dishes for me... the langka slices were cooked good, the sauce was great, and overall it was just a pleasure to eat. Given its price it was really much cheaper than that of Tita Norm's dishes, so I guess when we go back here we already knew where to get our cooked dishes.

*** Jenn ***

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Enchie said...

oh my gulay, nakakatakam. tingin pa lang ang sarap na. Gustong-gusto ko rin bumuli sa mga ganyan.Pinoy na pinoy ang lasa :)

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