Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Max's Grand Inaanak Fun Day at the SMX Convention Center

Here in the Philippines, a child's baptism or dedication calls for a celebration. Some parents opt to host a reception at home following the actual church ceremony, but for some, they take away the hassle of cooking food (and cleaning up after the party) by arranging a celebration at their choice of restaurant or fast food chain. When it comes to celebrating life moments, baptism included, one of the top choice would be Max's Restaurant.

My parents also had a life moment celebrated the Max's Restaurant way, during their silver wedding anniversary. My late father chose this restaurant because it fit their budget, the food served are classic Filipino dishes that everybody loves, and the cake from their bakeshop (Max's Corner Bakery) just had the right sweetness. With so many celebrations held at Max's Restaurant, I think most (if not all) share the same sentiments as my late father.

Baptism reception has got to be one of the biggest reason for celebrations at Max's Restaurant, that this year they held a Grand Inaanak Day, which was held at the SMX Convention Center near SM Mall of Asia.

Inaanak is a Filipino term meaning "godchild." Each child has a set of godparents - Ninong (godfather) and Ninang (godmother), and once parents set an arrangement at any Max's Restaurant branch for a baptism reception, the child automatically has Ninong Max as one of their godfathers. We all know the godparents serve as the child's parent-figure, but it is also a custom for godparents to give gifts to the child every Christmastime and during the child's birthday. "Ninong Max," the official godfather of every child who celebrated their baptism at any Max's Restaurant knows this, and each of these lovely kids will get to receive a gift twice a year, every year... until they turn seven years old. Not only that, the family also receives yummy Max's Corner Bakery treats every time the family spends at least 200 pesos at any branch, and they are also given 15% VIP discount should they arrange a reception for the child's 1st and/or 7th birthday.

At the event, there were several areas for the kids to play at (this picture was "empty" because most of the kids were watching a film showing)...

... and after the Film Showing, the kids (as well as their parents) were treated to a musical play by the Trumpets. There was also a story telling activity by My Masterpiece, as well as games and surprises.

One of the areas that attracted the kids was the coloring station. Each kid was given an outlined drawing and a set of crayons to play with. It allowed the children to explore their creative and imaginative side, with their parents by their side guiding them.

My favorite part has got to be this wall of pictures and artwork. These aren't just images... but a showcase of love. This event has truly created a unique and memorable moment that binds families together.

If you want your child to be one of Ninong Max's inaanaks... or if you want to know more about celebrating your life moments at Max's Restaurant, please check their website -

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