Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Moonleaf Tea Shop Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Hello fellow foodies! I'm back!
Well, I actually came home last week, but with so many things to do, I decided to update this blog this week.

Last Friday, despite having flu symptoms, I spent my first weekend night with my siblings and fellow blogger friends at Moonleaf Tea Shop in Makati City, which is also celebrating their first year anniversary by showcasing OPM Talents via Moonleaf Beats.


First to hit the stage was Anyô, an up and coming band. They performed songs from their debut album, "Breathe" as well as covers of few popular songs. I was very impressed with this band, that I actually downloaded their debut album and is listening to it while typing this post. Their debut album is available for free download (yes, the band decided their first studio album to be given for free) thru their website, anyomusic.com.

AI dela Cruz and LM Cancio

Next to perform were AI Dela Cruz and LM Cancio. I got to see AI (read: Ah-yee) at another event, but didn't know she has a very great voice. She and LM serenaded the crowd with mostly cover songs (their cover of Christina Perri's "A Thousand Years" was so awesome), but I think they performed an original song, too.

Ebe Dancel
Ebe Dancel

The night's main event had to be the performance by Ebe Dancel. I actually had to say a silent apology for not knowing him right away (I admit I seldom listen to radio since college days), but when the hosts (AI and Marvin) said that he was the former frontman for the band Sugarfree, I sighed a relief. The band Sugarfree is familiar to me, but band members' names aren't. Anyway, he performed song after song... and it was indeed a great musical ride.

Lasagna Moonleaf Beats

Between song sets, there were raffles - some won Moonleaf Tea Shop GCs, others won food goodies from The Sweet Studio. My brother won some GCs, while my sister won a lasagna gift pack. Congrats to them! :) All throughout the night, there were surprise treats including discounted tea drinks and free add-ons (nata, pudding, tapioca pearls, and aloe vera), and I got to have two cups of drink - my favorite Passionfruit Yakult with Nata and Aloe Vera as well as a cup of Earl Grey Milk Tea with Nata. I also had chicken turnover, some French macarons, and brownie bites. We were also given eco-friendly bookmarks - something I am so grateful for because I am now a self-confessed bookworm.

Hitting their first year mark, Moonleaf Tea Shop is constantly thinking of new ways to reach to the market, and soon they will be serving hot tea drinks - something to look forward to, because as much as I love cold drinks, sometimes I truly want to sip hot tea instead.

For more updates, do check their Facebook Page. A list of Moonleaf Tea Shop stores can be accessed through this link.

Happy anniversary, Moonleaf Tea Shop! Here's to more years of tea goodness!

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