Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Modern Shanghai - Glorietta 2, p1

Chinese food may have been part of our rich culinary heritage, but even if we eat Chinese food every now and then, there are still many flavors to discover.

Modern Shanghai - Glorietta 2

Last week, I was privileged to dine at one of the newest Chinese restaurant in the Metro - Modern Shanghai in Glorietta 2. This restaurant opened just last May, but this isn't the first branch here in the Philippines, the first one is located in SM Mall of Asia.

Modern Shanghai - Glorietta 2
Modern Shanghai - Glorietta 2

I guess part of being "modern" is not having the traditional red and gold motif, but even if it's modern, they still have a few round tables with lazy susan for big groups. The restaurant is spacious and the minimal decoration is simply beautiful. The seats are also comfortable.

For a new restaurant, their menu is quite extensive, and I liked that the menu has a picture of every dish they offer, but of course, the restaurant staff is there to answer every queries about the dishes. Even with the extensive menu, they recently added ten new dishes, which I will share next time, just to cut a very long post. For today, let me just share a little "appetizer."

Shandong Style Shredded Chicken

Shandong Style Shredded Chicken
This reminds me of the Hainanese Chicken, but it tasted different, of course. The meat was very tender and the skin had a very light crisp to it. It came with a dipping sauce - slightly sweet soy sauce - but the meat was already tasty enough that it didn't need the dipping sauce just much.

Tea Time! Lotus Bloom Tea
Mango Tea Sangria Oolong Tea

Modern Shanghai offers different kinds of drinks, too. One of our companions had the Mango Tea Sangria (lower left picture)- a very fruity chunky drink, while my brother and i opted for the hot tea. He went for the Oolong Tea (lower right picture), while I went for the Lotus Bloom. It was such an interesting tea, with a very interesting taste, too. It had a mild sweetness to it and it smelled good.

One of our companions had the Apple Shake, which tasted just fine... but what I loved about their drinks is that it just didn't come with one serving. Meaning, my tea is pretty much bottomless - they would offer to refill my cup with hot water as soon as they see that my cup only had 1/4 of tea left;  my brother was served with one pitcher of Oolong Tea, while our friend who ordered the Apple Shake was also served one pitcher of the shake.

Hand Pulled Noodles

Outside the restaurant is a window where you can watch how they do the hand pulled noodles - very interesting to watch!

Tomorrow I will share the first five new dishes being offered at Modern Shanghai.

Modern Shanghai
3rd Floor, Glorietta 2
Palm Drive - Ayala Avenue, Makati City

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