Monday, July 15, 2013

Chicken Parmigiana Pizza by Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo

Rainy days and Mondays get you down? Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo gives you three reasons to cheer up.

Chicken Parmigiana Pizza (Hand Rolled Crust)
Chicken Parmigiana Pizza - Hand Tossed
Chicken Parmigiana Pizza (Thin Crust)
Chicken Parmigiana Pizza - Thin Crust
Number 1 - New Pizza Flavor
Starting today, 15 July 2013, you can now avail of their newest flavor - Chicken Parmigiana.

Available in Medium (9"), Family (12"), and Big Family (14") sizes, the Chicken Parmigiana Pizza has slices of marinated chicken, green bell peppers, and tomatoes in Culinary Cream sauce and two kinds of cheeses - Cheddar and Mozzarella. You may opt for the thin crust or the hand-tossed dough for this flavor, but if you ask me, the hand-tossed crust tasted better because the crust has a chewy-soft texture and tasted a little like pan de sal. This was the first time I got to taste pizza in cream sauce as I usually get to eat pizza with tomato sauce, and I must say this was a great tasting flavor. The toppings cut the richness of the cream and the cheeses, and because I drizzled my pizza with hot sauce, it made the pizza more flavorful. Cream and spice went well together.

Angel's Pizza Club Card

Number 2 - Angel's Pizza Club Card
You can now also avail of their Angel's Pizza Club Card for only 299 pesos, which gives you a full year of perks including:
  • Buy 1 pizza Take 1 pizza free any time, any day (available only for Family and Big Family sizes only)
  • 25% discount on all pizza purchase
  • Free 1 medium pizza (Angel's Aloha or Angel's Bacon & Cheese) on your birthday.
Of course, there are terms to this, just feel free to ask any staff once you visit the store.

Collect all 10 Stickers

Number 3 - Free Globe Tattoo Sonic Stick
Internet truly has been a part of our everyday lives, but not every establishment has free WiFi, and not all cell phone users avail of the internet service their network provides. That applies to me - I am quite a WiFi dependent kind of user, that's why when I went on a holiday some years ago, I actually borrowed an Internet stick, just to make sure I am still connected even if there is no WiFi where I went. I am not sure just how much this Internet Stick cost, but here's a chance to get one for free, while still enjoying pizza and pasta from Angel's Pizza Pasta Combo.

For every 600 pesos worth of pizza + Globe products, you get to earn one sticker. Collect all 10 stickers and you can then claim for your free Globe Tattoo Sonic Stick. A big family sized pizza cost around 491 pesos to 647 pesos depending on the flavor. Considering you buy a big family sized Chicken Parmigiana Pizza at 599 pesos, you can then combine it with any Globe products (have your phone loaded with Globe credits) to make it 600 pesos or more. Now, if you are hosting a very big party and you're going to buy 10 pizzas, have it on 10 different transactions, because you can only get 1 sticker per single transaction. Meaning, even if you have a total bill of 6000 pesos, if it's only on single receipt, you can only receive one sticker.

Angels Pizza Pasta Combo has branches in Kalayaan (Quezon City), Makati, Eton Cyberpod, Granada (Quezon City), Fairview, Dagupan, Malate, Paranaque, and Recto. For deliveries, you may call their hotline at 922-2222, but soon they will launch their online delivery website. No word on that yet... but you may take note of the site and check it every now and then. For updates and more information, visit their Facebook Page, and follow them on Twitter and/or Instagram.

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