Sunday, October 21, 2012

Another CBTL Breakfast

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Ground Level, A. Venue Mall
7829 Makati Ave. corner Valdez St.,
Antel Lifestyle City - Makati City
+63 (02)729-7095

*continuation of my holiday food trip with K*

 Day 14... the last day for us to be together. Both of us woke up a little sad knowing we will go separate ways that afternoon, but we still have until lunch time to roam around, so it was still a day to celebrate.

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf - A. Venue Mall

Obviously, for breakfast it was CBTL for us again. We did love how we have the entire place just for ourselves that early in the morning - we could eat as slow as we could, laugh as heartily as we could, and read as much magazines as we could.

Eggs Ben

Eggs Ben. My choice for today is Eggs Ben, which has a slice of turkey ham, cheese, poached egg, and hollandaise sauce. It was rich, but very delicious! I normally don't like runny egg yolks, but because the sauce has a creamy consistency, I just blended the yolk with the sauce, and I didn't notice it anymore. :)

Roast Beef Sandwich

Roast Beef Sandwich. K went for a heavy breakfast this day, and although he said this tasted good, he didn't appreciate that they used store-bought processed roast beef. He said when he saw this on the menu, he thought the roast beef would be something CBTL would cook at their kitchen, but I did tell him it's primarily a coffee and tea shop, so he did get to understand it. I loved the lettuce on the side, by the way.

Both breakfast meals came with a cup of coffee, which I didn't photograph anymore; as usual K had the black coffee, I had the latte with extra milk on the side.

Last stretch of our holiday... we couldn't roam far from the hotel, so we decided too just visit the Ayala Museum.

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