Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I Won!

Tuesday is supposed to be the day when I talk about my siblings' foodie adventures, but I just can't wait 'til Saturday before I post this, I being the owner of this blog, I'm just going to use this day to share this very wonderful news.

It was early May when I read about the Yummy Blog Contest through Facebook, and upon browsing the recipes from the May 2010 issue of the magazine, I decided to join. I basically tried three recipes in the magazine, first of which was the Saucy Chicken with Mango. My brother also tried three recipes, and knowing that it was already June (the contest ended 31 May), brother asked me last night if I already had news who won. I told him Yummy Magazine just released the winners of their Chef Tony's Popcorn contest, so it might come out anytime soon.

During night time, it was my brother who uses the PC, so imagine our surprise when he opened his Facebook and this come out on his homepage:

Talk about great timing! We were just talking about it and after a few minutes we already found out who won... and the best thing about it was that I won! :D Super thanks to Teacher Julie for writing on my Facebook wall just to tell about it. I asked brother if I could use the PC for a while just to thank them. I immediately hopped on Fran Haw's Blog, and she also had posted the announcement in her blog. It was through her blog that I got to learn about the contest, by the way.

I won 6 months subscription of Yummy Magazine, a 2000 GC from Mr. Jones. It felt really great to be named the winner. Now that I have started cooking again, the magazine subscription would come in really handy. And of course, eating at Mr. Jones would also be a great foodie experience... that would mean another food trip for me.... and my family of course, as I do plan to share the winnings to them.

Aside from winning the prizes, I was also ecstatic to see my name and my blog's link at the Yummy Magazine website. Being the winner of Yummy's first blog contest, it all felt great. I am thankful that I was able to hear about this contest, because it has brought me back to the kitchen. Not only was I able to test new dishes, I was also able to feed my family with great tasting food, and it also made me go back to food blogging. This blog had been on a hiatus and I planned of closing it, until the contest came. All have come full circle, and I was really thrilled with how things turned out.

Thank you all!

*** Jenn ***


Don Dee said...

Congratulations! :)

ShutterHappyJenn said...

Thanks, Don Dee!

docgelo said...

enjoy the GCs from mr. jones; my family and i love that diner!

roland said...


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