Friday, June 4, 2010

Gummy Love

For the past few weeks, I have been scribbling notes trying to come up with a good set of what to post for this blog. I wanted to update the blogs once a day, but being the thematic person that I am, I wanted something specific for each day so my mind won't get mixed up. Checking the pictures I have on file, I noticed that there are certain food pictures that don't fall into any of the categories, so after checking the list, I decided to use the "uncategorized" food pictures for Food Friday. This is now where I will post my artistic (ahem ahem) take on foods; a little statement that I certainly can play with my foods. :)

Gummy Love

I came up with this picture February this year when I joined Kristi Sauer's February photo hunt. One of the items she had was "Something Romantic," and being a person who's always at home, I decided to just create an image instead of hunting down couples and take a picture of them in their romantic ways. :)

I love eating gummy bears, and after taking a picture of the bears December last year, I decided to make them my models again. The shoot I had that time was some sort of a wedding shoot of the gummy bears, I have a picture of them on either sides of the ring, as if they were exchanging vows.

The only difficult thing I struggled with the shoot was that I was holding a flashlight on one hand, and the other hand taking pictures. And because I am right handed and the source of light had to be on the right side as well, I had to extend my left arm (the one holding the flashlight) just to do the shoot. Tedious, but I had fun. I might do another gummy bears shoot in the future, I just love them!

*** Jenn ***


maiylah said...

awwww...that's sooo sweet!
same here, before i had my youngest son (he's 1year-8months now, lol) i used to 'play' with my food (shots), too. i can definitely relate, hehehe.:D

thanks again, Jenn
happy weekend

Gizelle said...

This is really cute! Love your play here and we in the family loves gummy bears too!

Jay - agent112778 said...

kainin na ang bears =))

heres mine

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