Friday, April 17, 2009

From My Kitchen: Fish Tinowa

One of the influences my brother's girlfriend has something to do about cooking. We are Ilocano, while my brother's girlfriend is from Mindanao, so dishes and ways to prepare foods were at times different from one another. She taught this dish to my brother, and it has been a great alternative to just eating fish sinigang or fish paksiw.

I asked brother if I could prepare the dish, and from the girlfriend, the recipe is now passed on to me. =)


Fish Tinowa

Cooking the dish was very simple. In a pot, just combine sliced onions, tomatoes, cut up spring onions, crushed ginger root, and chili fingers. Add enough water and season it according to your taste. I am more accustomed in using salt than the fish sauce (patis), so it's what I always use. Anyway, once it's all ready, just bring it to a boil then add the fish. You can use any kind of fish, but for this dish I used this one - I don't know what's it called, but it's not galunggong. Well, maybe a distant relative. =) When the fish is nearly cooked, add the cabbage and simmer to cook. It was that easy!

I like the blend of the ingredients in this dish. The ginger gives it a different flavor, and the cabbage is just perfect to add a different taste to the dish.

*** Jenn ***


Willa said...

it's almost like Sinigang, pero siguro ibang style, but i love fish,kahit anong luto,kahit anong klase. :)

Nedekcir said...
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Nedekcir said...

Right now I am thinking of what to eat, then I came across your post and got me hungry for fish. I think tuna in the can is in order. Ang layo kasi namin sa dagat. They look very yummy.

Sreisaat said...

That's how Visayans say angsarap :)
Ganyan din ang version namin ng tinowa sa Capiz, pero instead of cabbage e talbos ng kamote ang nilalagay namin. Ooh-la-la, sarap ng sabaw.

Jenn, I will add your food blog to mine ha? Thanks in advance.

We Ate This!

SASSY MOM said...

A different kind of sinigang. Another alternative, thanks for sharing!

luna miranda said...

the best yan lalo na pag fresh ang isda, lots of tomatoes, ang camote tops.:D

Jay - agent112778 said...

wala akong comment, napadaan lang sis :D

my entry is hereGreat day for us Food Friday Eaters :)
Thanx for the Visit :)

Race said...

looks good to me and it gave me another recipe for my Mom, she wants to eat fish everyday so i need a lot of fish recipes, thanks for sharing! mine is up at

Arlene said...

Congrats for cooking a good tinola. You described it right. For me, i love it too with lots of garlic and lots of ripe tomatoes.

Tinolang bangus is nice too and u got the right fish in here. Matambaka (yong may malaking mata) nice din na fish for tinola.

Zriz said...

Hahahaha we call it tinoLa... :) And it's one of my faves.. :)

Serving mine HERE

foodiejenn said...

@Z'riz - Oo nga, my ex-bf who hailed in Dumaguete calls it "Tinola," too.

@Sreissat - Add din kita!

Thanks all for the comments!

foodiejenn said...

@Z'riz - Oo nga, my ex-bf who hailed in Dumaguete calls it "Tinola," too.

@Sreissat - Add din kita!

Thanks all for the comments!

Enchie said...

My Dad loves this so much. Few knows about this.

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