Monday, April 27, 2009

EBaliwan with the Litratistang Pinoys

Before we embarked ourselves in the tiring Aliwan Festival, brother and I met up with our co-photo bloggers at Dencio's in Harbor Square to eat lunch. At first we wanted to have their "good for 10" meal, but we were only 7 present (Buge was still on her way), so we opted to just have different dishes and all of us would just share it.

weekend snapshots

My favorite calamares!

Crispy Kangkong

My brother and Marian taking a picture of the pork sisig.

Sharing a meal with people sharing the same passions has been great. Whenever I am with other friends and relatives, it's difficult for me to ask them if I could take pictures first before we eat, but in this instance, no more reasons to ask because all of us were taking pictures of our food before we eat it! Nowadays, it's way easy to spot a food blogger. If the person is taking pictures of the food before eating it, there's a probability that the person is a food blogger. =)

*** Jenn ***


Eds said...

Wow! Looks delish! Ano toh sis! EB ng LP?

Mine is up too!

SASSY MOM said...

I know what you mean, At least my kids now are so used to me taking pictures before the touch anything! I hope to join the next EB!

foodiejenn said...

@Eds - Yeah, EB ng LP.

tigerfish said...

Crispy kangkong? It's my 1st time seeing this.

Willa said...

Inggit ako sa EB nyo,parang ang saya-saya!, abt taking pictures of food, husband and the boys are getting used to it na, actually bago nga nila kainin, they asked me first if I already took a picture of it. :)

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