Wednesday, April 15, 2009

5 for Wednesday - 041509

1. What kinds of pizza do you like?
>>> I like pizzas that have lots of onions, bell peppers, cheese, and meat (except the ground beef). I also love Hawaiian Pizza - I love the blend of the sweet pineapples with the sour-y tomato sauce.

2. How do you shop in a grocery store?
>>> I go by the list - jotting down the prices next to it after I put it in the cart, so I will know how much I still have left for the unlisted items. Usually I start where I entered and work my way around, but I always finish it off with the wet items (meats, butter, etc).

3. What is the most unusual combination of items you put between two slices of bread and called a sandwich?
>>> I always go for the conventional types, and the most unusual (which isn't really unusual) was combining mayonnaise and corned beef.

4. Do you have a favorite simple recipe that has five or less ingredients? Share!
>>> Hmmm... give me a moment to think. =)

5. Do you buy water in plastic bottles?
>>> Yes.

*** Jenn ***

1 comment:

Sides said...

I like onions very much on pizzas too :) Vegetables are all good to dress it I guess ;) Oooh I'll have to try the Hawaiian pizza sometimes :D

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