Thursday, April 18, 2013

Bizu Patisserie to Give Free Macarons on Macaron Day!

I don't know how or where I learned about the French Macarons, but even then I have always wanted to taste much that it even made my Bucket List. :)

It was February of 2012 when I finally had my first taste of the French Macarons, and what better place to have it than at the patisserie that introduced the decadent French pastry back in 2001 - Bizu Patisserie.

Often mistaken as the coconut-based pastry - Macaroons, the French Macarons are cookies that is crisp on the outside with a soft creme ganache and ground almonds in the middle. Totally different from the pastry with dessicated coconut and sweet milk.

These were the very first French Macarons I have tasted. It was the Valentine's month that time, so this one's heart-shaped. At the moment, Bizu Patisserie offers 13 flavors to suit one's taste and preference.

This coming Saturday - 20 April 2013 is the French Macaron Day, and Bizu Patisserie will give out free macarons to its patrons in specially designed packaging. This would be the second year Bizu Patisserie will participate in the Jour du Macaron (which started in 2005) - an event started by French patisserier Pierre Herme as a gourmand event in support of different charities.

Of course, I do look forward to the free French Macaron, but I am also going to purchase maybe two or three flavors (I am going for Rose Lychee, Madagascar Vanilla, and Espresso con Panna) just to compare how each tastes like. Everybody is invited to claim their free French Macaron at the Bizu Patisserie branches, but of course everyone is also encouraged to to purchase French Macarons (if you want to). This year, Bizu Patisserie will donate a part of their macaron sales for the day to Action Contre la Faim (ACF), a French humanitarian NGO.

So mark your calendars - 20th of April is the Macaron Day, and if you drop by, you're also encouraged to share your pictures (and videos) on different social networking sites -
List of Bizu Patisserie branches:
  • Greenbelt 2
  • Greenhills Promenade
  • Alabang Town Center
  • St. Lukes Global City
  • One Rockwell
See you there, fellow foodies!

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