Monday, June 22, 2009


weekend snapshots


The family just stayed at home during the weekend, so my food weekend snapshot was just something cooked at home.

Last Thursday or Friday, one of my neighbors were doing some barbecuing, and although we can't see them, the smoke of their food was certainly all over the place - making us crave for anything grilled. On Saturday, brother grilled some pork for us to feast on.

Sinarabasab is how the Ilokano (people living in the northwest part of the country) called their grilled pork. A slab of pork - usually the pork chops or the belly strips - were grilled and cut up into bite pieces, served with chopped onions, tomatoes, and seasoned with condiments of choice . Brother used fermented anchovy paste to season this.

Thanks for the hearty lunch, brother!

*** Jenn ***


Dora said...

Looks good! Care to share some with us?

tigerfish said...

Can see that it is full of flavor :) Yum....
I will wrap that up in tortilla!

Meikah said...

Yum!!! Really looks delicious. Will try to copy this. Thanks for sharing :)

Ian and Sharon said...

I love BBQ and yet again BBQ pork. Then you add fresh ingrediants like onion and Tomatoes. Thats is fantastic.


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