Friday, June 12, 2009

Chicken Adobo

I could say I can cook good food, but if there's one dish I am struggling, it has to be this classic Filipino dish - the Adobo. People say it's the easiest foods one can cook because you can just put all the ingredients together and leave it in the stove until it cooks, but my struggle was to get the right balance between the soy sauce and the vinegar. Some say it's 1:1, but I noticed that if I leave the pot longer in the stove it tends to get saltier and saltier. So I put more vinegar into it and it would ruin the whole dish! Sometimes I would end the dish by adding some calamansi juice, just to tame the saltiness.. Pfft!

But, the last time I cooked adobo for the family (not this one in the picture), my mom said that it tasted good despite my claims that it wasn't. I am happy that I am improving, but until that day comes when I can put all the ingredients in the pot, leave it to cook and serve it without doing some adjustments, I could say I still suck in cooking adobo.

This was the last adobo I cooked. Sister said it was quite peppery, but I loved it. Hahaha, love your own, as they say.

*** Jenn ***


julie said...

Mabuhay ang adobo :) sarap niyan, kaya try and try until you succeed, ika nga nila.

Race said...

yeah that's true try and try jenn, alam mo minsan it's good na lang pag walang vinegar just calamnsi juice pero you must put calamansi pag luto na ang chicken, kami dalaw ang recipes namin one with vinegar and the other one with calamansi juice but not combined, ayaw ng sister ko ng may vinegar kaya nag-isip ako ng adobong wala non, luckily appreciated naman nila hehehe! masarap at the best daw sabi ng kids ko syempre kids ko yon hehehe!

Anya said...

Ang kanin chicken adobo, etc. etc. (yan lang natatandaan ko dun sa kanta ng black eyed peas eh)... Filipino...Filipino... bebot...bebot

Lynn said...

I usually fry the chicken after they get all tender from the soy sauce and vinegar mix.

maiylah said...

that looks yummy, Jenn!
same here, palaging 'experiment' ang nangyayari sa adobo ko, lol. mas gusto ko yung luto ni hubby na adobo kaya usually siya ang nagluluto when it comes to adobo (or other meat based dishes).

appreciate so much your playing again, Jenn
thank you talaga ... :)

happy weekend

iska said...

i usually put a cup of soy sauce and a cup of vinegar. no water. wag haluin pag hindi pa kumukulo. lutuin hanggang halos wala ng sauce. ito yung halos patuyo o hindi masabaw na adobo. hope that helps. :-) good luck to many more adobos to come!

Jay - agent112778 said...

:D isipin mo nalang gumagawa ka ng BBQ pero boiling not grillig

my entry for food friday is here

Great day for us Food Friday Eaters :)

Thanx for the Visit :)

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