Friday, October 24, 2008

Fish Sarciado

Fish Sarciado

In my attempts to lose weight, I decided not to eat dinner anymore if I have eaten snacks, and if I haven't eaten any snacks, I have to eat only little dinner - literally one cup of rice and few viands.

Because of that, we've been having left overs, of which brother re-cooked so we could eat it again. The night before, he cooked fried fish, and the left overs he made into sarciado. While he was taking pictures of his dish, I saw his plating and I got interested that I wanted to try it, too! I just hope he won't post this dish as his food Friday entry, too. =)

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agent112778 said...

nyek dish ko ito ah. yan yata yung tinapa???????

...di na bale, yung pix mo namn ang pinost ko sa LP bhe :P

maiylah said...

naku, medyo matagal na ako di nakakain nito ... nakakagutom! hehehe, galing nyo talagang magkapatid ... parehong mahilig sa food at blogging! :)

thanks for playing this week, Jenn. thanks to Jay for directing me here. :)
hope you're enjoying your vacation!

♥peachkins♥ said...

Naku,si nanay din mahilig sa sarciado,pero tilapia ang gusto nya..

Happy FF!

Here's mine Flavors of China

ScroochChronicles said...

sarap nyan!! tagal ko na ding hindi kinain ito..maluto nga :D


Josephine said...

my mother in law use to do that for any fried fish leftover.and i love it because of the sauce..sarap! na gutom na ko first entry is up here

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