Friday, February 21, 2014

Fish and Chicks

Now that brother is already based in Cagayan de Oro, we are already feeling how small our family have become. Though sad, the situation can be considered a blessing in disguise because it has allowed us - mom, sister, and I - to be much closer than ever.

Apart from morning badminton, occasional zumba dancing, and doing some baking experiments at home, one thing we love to do is to eat out as it allows us to savor new flavors as well as enjoy well loved food. One time last week, we decided to drop by one of our favorite food places - Max's Restaurant - to enjoy their newest 4Sharing Meal.

Ever since it was launched, we already loved the Max's Restaurant 4Sharing Meals because it's enough for the family and we also get to save a few pesos instead of ordering separate dishes. The 4Sharing Meals changes every now and then, and for the first part of 2014, the 4Sharing Meal consists of:

Max's Fried Chicken

1 Whole Fried Chicken
4 Glasses of Drinks
4 Cups of Rice

The poster indicated "4 Glasses of Pepsi," but we were served 4 Glasses of Iced Tea. We didn't bother asking them about it anymore as we appreciate both kinds of drinks.

Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce

The meal also comes with a big serving of Fish Fillet in Black Bean Sauce, something we tasted for the first time. We loved this dish as we are big fans of creamy dory fish, and that the sauce wasn't overly salty. Personally, I have a little phobia when it comes to dishes with fermented black beans because this ingredient tends to make dishes really salty. Good thing this had the right amount of seasoning, and we also appreciated that it wasn't drowning with sauce, because we want our breaded fish fillet crispy.

This Max's Restaurant 4Sharing Meal cost 799 pesos, giving diners a savings of as much as 221 pesos. It is available for dine in, take out, delivery and online ordering, but is not valid with any other ongoing promos and discount. Promo is good until February 26, 2014.

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