Thursday, January 17, 2013

Bacolod Chicken Inasal (SM Fairview)

Bacolod Chicken Inasal
G/F SM City Fairview, Annex 2
Quirino Highway cor Regalado Greater Lagro, Quezon City
+63 (02)332-5939

I love chicken, and one of my favorite chicken dishes is the Chicken Inasal. My first taste of this dish was something I personally cooked, and although I am not sure how good it turned out to be (of course I found it delicious), but for some reasons, that first taste of Chicken Inasal became my benchmark. In SM Fairview, I think there are four to five restaurants offering this dish, but one I haven't tasted prior to this food trip (of course) was Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

I have heard about this restaurant months, even years back, but their location in the mall has got to be the reason why I always forget to visit it. Located almost the the corner end of the annex area, I only got to know there's a branch in SM Fairview when I had dinner with mom and sister at Tong Yang, which was across this store. Anyway, my brother and I went for an early Christmas grocery shopping that day, and since there was a very long line at the check-out, I decided for brother and I to eat lunch at the mall. We didn't bring that much money (because we were quite certain we would eat lunch at home), and thinking Bacolod Chicken Inasal's prices would be reasonable, we headed there.

Bacolod Chicken Inasal

The dining area wasn't that big, but it was neat and organized. The bar area in the middle looked cute, and it gave us a good way of communicating with the staff should we need their presence.

They have a lot to offer, but given the budget we had, we chose to go for rice meals.

Isabella's Chicken

Isabella's Chicken
If my memory serves me right, this dish was inspired by the telenovela Judy Ann Santos and Coney Reyes did years ago. I am not sure if this one's baked or grilled (or maybe fried), but it sure tasted different from the typical Chicken Inasal. Gravy was the main dipping sauce, which tasted okay, but I still asked a little saucer with calamansi so I could make my own dipping sauce. As for the chicken, it was tender and seasoned just right, but I found it a little dry.

Chicken Inasal - Pecho

Chicken Inasal - Pecho
My brother chose to go for the signature dish. Like most Inasal restaurants, customers can choose for the chicken part they prefer, and since my brother's trying to stay away from oily food, he went for the pecho, or the breast/wing part. The basting might be oily, but the chicken itself was dry. The taste made up for it, though... it was good and was able to satisfy us.

Brother's meal had a free glass of Iced Tea; my meal didn't have any drink included, and I went for a glass of Sago't Gulaman, which I found delicious.


Black Sambo ni Mom
Their desserts are very affordable that it enticed me to choose one. Of all the desserts on the menu, this was the one that caught my interest and I was glad I ordered it. It had this feel of very soft gelatin slash panacotta and the contrast of flavors between the two layers of Sambo plus the chocolate sauce made it a great ending to our meal.

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