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Max's Restaurant - Bloggers Got Talent 2012

It was last weekend (08 December) when I, together with my siblings, attended an early Christmas Party for bloggers organized by Max's Restaurant. This was the second time they organized such party for bloggers, as their way of thanking the bloggers for attending their different events, but I am more grateful for their generosity. I really love being part of the Max's Restaurant family as one of their bloggers because every event they organize was truly fun and spectacular. I feel so much at home with them, and being with the people from Max's Restaurant, Bright Ideas (their PR company) and my co-bloggers already established a feeling of all us being in one big, happy family.

Dinner at Max's Dinner at Max's

Just like what they did last year, they organized a videoke party, but prior to main part of the party, they served dinner at the Greenbelt 1 branch. We had Beef Kare-Kare, Lechon Kawali, Sinigang na Hipon, Boneless Bangus, Max's Fried Chicken, and Buco Pandan for desserts. In the many times I have attended events for Max's Restaurant, I have written different posts about this meal, so no need to repeat it... but of course every dish was awesome, and my favorite for this particular meal was the Beef Kare-Kare because it had a lot of vegetables.

Blogger Friend Alwin's Birthday at Max's

This was a Christmas Party, yes, but co-blogger Alwin was also celebrating his birthday that day, and the staff of Max's Restaurant surprised him with a birthday song and a Toffee Torte cake, which we all shared. (Thanks, Alwin!)

Bloggers Got Talent 2012

After the dinner, we all walked to RedBox (Greenbelt 3) for the Videoke Party. At first, we were asked who would like to join the singing contest, but for the spirit of fun and camaraderie, we were all asked to sing one song - meaning all of us were part of the singing contest.

Like, Unlike

Pieces of "Like" and "Unlike" papers were placed at the tables, which we will use to judge each contestants, but there was a different set of judges who graded each performances. Of course, we didn't use the thumbs down paper as we all enjoyed singing our hearts out.

Fries Nachos
Calamares Buffalo Wings

To make it fair, Max's Restaurant and Bright Ideas staff wrote our names on pieces of paper and names were drawn one by one. In between singing and chit-chats, we were served drinks and finger foods - French Fries, Nachos, Buffalo Wings, and Calamares. I wasn't able to taste the Buffalo Wings, but the French Fries I liked because it the cuts were big and it was seasoned well, but it was mushy and oily. As for the drinks, I had a bottle of water and a bottle of Cerveza Negra (my favorite beer).


I was the tenth blogger to sing. I do like to sing, but I never really wanted to perform solo in front of an audience because my voice tends to go shaky, but I wanted to try my luck at winning the cash prize at stake, so I first chose to sing "Stand Up for Love" by Destiny's Child. However, the song would always stop after a few seconds, so I decided to sing "On My Own" instead. I did feel my voice shake, but was super thankful that I won 3rd place, making me two thousand pesos richer. Rain won second prize (he sang A1's "Like a Rose") and Jing was named the overall winner for singing "If I Sing You a Love Song."

Gifts and Prizes from Max's Restaurant

There were also a series of raffle during the event, and it was such a great night for brother and I that we won a Samsung DVD player each. During the last event I attended at Max's Restaurant (the launch of the Merienda Meals), I hoped to win the DVD Player (but didn't), so this was a pleasant surprise, making me realize that everything has its own time. Well, we still do have a working DVD Player at home so I don't know what I will do with this player, but I am planning to do a 365 Movie Project next year, and this player might come in handy. Sister won a GC for a facial at Let's Face It, by the way.

As if the meal, the party, and the raffle weren't enough, each of us were also given Christmas Gifts - a box of goodies from Max's Corner Bakery (3 kinds of Polvoron, Caramel Bars, and Chocolate Cookies), a 2013 Max's Restaurant Journal (which I will write about next post), and two GCs for half-sized Fried Chicken.

I am really thankful that I am part of Max's Restaurant family. Cheers to the friendship, and here's to more events in the coming year.

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