Thursday, October 1, 2009

Merced Pineapple Pie

Merced Pineapple Pie

The pineapple pie of Merced Bakeshop is my favorite pie. I have already tasted this pie since I was a kid, and up until now, I still loved eating it. Nearly a decade ago, a very nice woman would go to mom's office to give some pastries from the said bakeshop, but not too long ago, she stopped going to mom's office. It was also the end of pineapple pie days for me.

Last June, sister and I went to SSS Main Building (in East Avenue) to take a picture of their wall. Mom said her picture was on the wall, and as her kids, we wanted to see her picture. We cannot find the picture in the wall, but on that day, we found something else. As we went to the canteen to eat lunch, we saw a kiosk of Merced Bakeshop, and when sister asked me if I wanted a pineapple pie, I quickly said yes, with a glow in my eyes. =)

The taste of the pie changes from time to time (depends on the pineapples used), but this one just tasted right. The tangy taste of the fruit and the yummy crust just made me happy to eat this one again. Now I know where to buy this pie when I crave for it.

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♡u8mypinkc00kies♡ said...

wow.. i like pineapples pa naman :) they only have 1 store?

FoodTripFriday said...

wow! medyo kakaiba syang pie ha, never heard of it, at least until now. :)

FoodieJenn said...

@u8mypinkc00kies - They have a few stores, I think their main branch is located in Quezon Avenue.

@FoodTripFriday - Try it when you can, it's delicious (at least for me). Hehehe.

Thanks for the comments!

luna miranda said...

pineapple pie! this reminds of my cousin's craving when we were in Davao...inikot namin mga bakeshop for pineapple pie.:P we finally got some in Matina, not as good as Merced's though.

Meikah said...

Oh my this sure look yum!!! I like Merced's bakeshop's bear's claw, too. I hope they still have it till today. :) Where are the outlets of Merced Bakeshop these days?

Meikah said...

Oh, BTW, my FTF entry is here.

Clarissa said...

I haven't tried pineapple pie yet--but looks yummy dessert for me^_^

Glad to hear that you and your family is safe from the thypoon--I just read your comment at the FTF.Happy food trip Friday!

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