Saturday, October 3, 2009

Marty's Cracklin'

I don't always get to update this blog every Saturday, so I decided to come up with a theme each month, so I could have something to share every Saturday. This month, I decided to post entries about my favorite junk foods, concentrating more on chips, or what we call "chicherya" here in the Philippines.

220/365 - It's in the Mind

The first time I saw this in a supermarket in Cebu City February of this year, it instantly caught my attention. The chicharon (pork skin cracklings) is one of my favorite foods, and seeing a vegetarian version really made me raise an eyebrow. How can a vegetable mimick something like chicharon? Needless to say, I bought one small pack. Initially, it didn't really create an impact on me, but one thing was for sure. It really tasted like the real thing. Even the feeling of eating it was the same.

It took a few months before I got to eat one again, and it was more of a love the second time around. I was able to appreciate it more, and now I consider this as my favorite junk food. It comes with two flavors - plain salted (blue pack) and salt & vinegar (white pack), and among the two, I loved the plain salted more. Anyway, for someone who has had problems with weight and cholesterol, I think eating this one kind of satisfies my craving for chicharon. Of course, like most junk foods, this one has salt, and is recommended to be eaten in moderation.

*** Jenn ***

ps - this food is made from green peas. Green peas tasting like pork skin cracklings? Try it.


Danielle Sy said...

i love this!!!

edelweiza said...

i'm hooked on this chips. Oishi really knows how to please people, even the vegetarians. :)

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